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v2/characters/:id/attributes need this information, please!

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I'm making a project using the GW2 API. I'm at this point where I want to set the attributes for the character but the math is a bit tricky. I managed to calculate the attributes for the equipment 100% correctly (item stats, infusions, runes, sigils) but now I need to also add attributes from the active traits and skills. This would be fine if the information for each skill and trait was consistant. Here is one example of inconsistancy, there are many more:
Stalwart Defender

Gain toughness when wielding a shield, and shield skills gain reduced recharge.

Toughness: +240
Recharge Reduced: 20%


and Zaelous Blade

Your power is increased. Gain additional power while wielding a greatsword. Your greatsword skills have reduced recharge.

 Power: +120
 Power While Wielding Greatsword: +120
 Recharge Reduced: 20%

in this example the first trait gives +240 Toughness but from the description of the trait is "only when wielding a shield". In the second example we have +120 Power and +120 Power wielding a greatsword but the way it's put below now it is explained that "Power While Wielding Greatsword: +120". Why the first example it's not written "Toughness While Wielding Shield: +240", I cannot say. As I said there are many of this examples and hardcoding each of the traits or skill is not an option because the balance patches will throw that work away. A simple solution is if the API team could add the attributes seen on the hero panel inside v2/characters/:id that would be lovely!

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