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  1. I assume you'll return Southsun Cove with the upcoming largos and tengus race reveal. ❤️
  2. Still stuck on Lyssa. Grinding the tech chests on all maps, changing the instance. If my counts are correct I'm around 300-400 opened chests by now.
  3. I feel like Bobby Stein is in charge of the returning of Season 1. Yo, Bobby, gives us some spoilers please.
  4. I really would like to see this little fellow next to us. Few things come up in mind for this to happen. 1. Make it visible only for the owner. No need for flying Jade Bots all around, but not having it next to you reduced its uniqueness. 2. Make an option to hide it. Something like... show/hide outfit, head piece, shoulders, gloves, legendary trinkets, so if someone doesn't enjoy having it out, he'll have the option to hide it. 3. Make it static/attached to the player. This way the Jade Bot won't be a pet-like/mini-like entity that follows you around. We already have those entitie
  5. Hi there! My problem with this achievement comes from the point before the last. The "Meet Aurene at the top of the Harvest Temple." inside the "Jade Sea Warfare" achievement. I made the meta 6 or 7 times, I think. I defeated the dragon and every time I used the Zip Line to get up on the Harvest Temple. Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged? Is it just me or are there also players having this bug?
  6. The idea is coming from a friend of mine who is a new player. He left the game a couple of times because of a single reason... he is afraid of all the "wall of text" as he calls it (the information on the skills). The suggestion is to hide all that and make it more sanitized to the new players. Once the players get more familiar to the game and need this information, eventually they'll switch the option to see all the "wall of text" coming from the skills. I must say, the new players are bombarded with lots of information at the beginning and get frustrated from all the minor things and this c
  7. Still waiting for this issue to be fixed so me and my girlfriend can buy the expac via the game... https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360060566914-Credit-Card-Purchase-Issue-Affecting-Some-European-Countries-White-Screen-After-Clicking-Confirm
  8. Thank you for addind the Twisted Marionette. Hope you continue returning old Season 1 content.
  9. Just wanted to say how happy we are that you are here, on the forums with us, always trying to communicate and help as much as possible. Gaile Gray would be proud! hug
  10. If you are able to get all the Tengu Support Marks on cheap from the vendor, the gold you'll spend on those weapons will be around 115 -140g. So around 8.5g per weapon. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to use them in the forge.
  11. What the title say. Please fix it. Those are 16 weapons and they worth a lot from the vendor. At least let us use them in the forge and not to just throw them away.
  12. When crafting Charged Stormcaller weapons you cannot see the recipe for the Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone from the weapons recipes. You need to find it from the search bar to craft the lodestones.You cannot deposite the Stormcaller Core to the material storage and I'm pretty sure it needs to be deposited because it is a crafting material .
  13. Definitely, I think maps till Jormag Rising were very engaging with various events, activities, meta events like Drakkar or once Claw of Jormag's meta was fixed, it feels like a nice and rewarding experience.As for Champions I think changing the way parts of core maps look is definitely a cool idea, and making them instanced won't make a mess in the future with all those ambushes when new players start playing - something that probably looks weird when a new player sees entangled places by mordremoth or mordrems, while doing story with Zhaitan. Still I hope a new location will be added in Jud
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