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(Weekly) Dragon Bash Festivities - race


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I think that the mount race should give more points towards the weekly. If one lap of time trial gives 5 points the race for 3 laps should give at least 10, if not 15. Doing the race and hoping to get top 3 to get few more chests is not really a great insentive, especially for players that are not good at races.

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Never understood why people are doing the races. Aren't the rewards completely the same? Except for the s4 maps I think where you need them for achievements. (Top placement needed. No adventure instead.)

The 100 for the weekly are easy. Even for the last week (Only 1-2 days available.) With the 200 for the additional chest (good though that we don't need to spend currency here - it is more rare then tha SAB currency where you farm a ton easily) it can be tight.

Would not mind if some stuff gets increased overall. For the race it could be per lap. (I mean you could just do the adventure 3 laps - aventure 3 times - to get 15.) While they are at it: Add 5 to the pinata smashing since I am doing that daily anyways. And it might help for the last week (where you only have monday/tuesday) to add a bit of variety to not get bored when you have to grind the 200 in a small time frame - where it can be a bit draining and boring. (I will try to switch between the Arena + the race-adventure and moa betting while being afk a bit and throwing in some stampeds on the last week.)

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