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LFG [NA] 9am-3pm EST


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Looking for more of a casual guild, I am only active during 9am to 3pm EST with exceptions on my days off. Looking for guilds that do Strikes/Raids/Fractals/WvW. Even if it's just one of those things just looking for activity during the time I'm on. As for server for WvW I'll transfer after confirming activity during the times I'm on.

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Shattered Darkness [DARK] on Darkhaven seems a good fit for you? We are a casual, social guild that has been around for 13+ years. We are currently seeking to increase our presence in WvW as a guild and have a decent number of guildies roaming at all times. We have weekly strike/raid sign-ups. Here is our current recruitment post if you'd like more info or, you can message me (or any of the listed contacts) in-game or comment on the post if you have any questions! 🙂 Good hunting!


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 Reckless Dragon Exterminators] [RDE] is a casual PvE guild recruiting players 18+ to join a friendly, smaller, social guild. We decided to start this guild based on a need. There was a need to feel seen when in the chaos of the larger guilds, it was easy to be unseen. We wanted a home, where if you said, "Hello!," people would respond back to you instead of being met with silence. We wanted a place where you could learn the mechanics of something together or find your voice to speak up to try leading something without fear of being criticized, judged, or made to feel bad in any way. We will never exclude someone because they don't have the meta build or perfect skill rotation. If you run up screaming, "Leroooooooy Jennnnnkinssssss," and get hit once by the boss and die, that is okay. We will laugh about it, reset, and try it again because life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

We are supportive of our 1st responder community and our military, and we happily accept people from all walks of life who feel the same way. A large portion of our members are active and former Military members, and we have several first responders as well.  We are looking to grow, so come give us a chance and help us grow to be a home in a game where we go to escape the chaos of the outside world. We are primarily a North American CENTRAL STANDARD TIME Based Guild. We have a Discord for those who feel inclined to use it and only require it during guild events where communication is paramount.

Send a Whisper or InGame Mail to Myself, Firekatt.7649, raven.3871, or flaurosdagon.3142 to talk to us about how you can join in today!  You can also drop into our discord to talk to one of us: https://discord.com/invite/DPPmSuuqUk

Take that leap, and you will never regret it!

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