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WvW - Massive interrupt build?

Magical Things.8465

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he did answer it. he just did not link the build with it. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQJAVVn8lCFNhdNBmOB8PhFYCT7PFAKAzhwTYK07LsoWCA-j1BhABdo+Ti7PErSwlU+t4TAgxLBAA6CiHEAsoAWVpqqqkCATdaA-w

this build i run.

the way you play it is you goal only upkeep 5 stack of poison pretty easy. here a semi old video of me playing it.

(this video pretty old now before con food nerf)

basically to meet threefold by yourself.

choking gas 2 same spotchoking gas + 1 venom, steal , heal, dodge.

the way to beat the build is honestly just run around not casting stuff well they fire choking gas everywhere. build has about 30 seconds timer before it hit the dead zone.

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