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Artistically SotO is great.

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Good stuff:

  •  It's good to see the desire to try something new.
  •  Classic fantasy theme returns: wizards, demons, portals, mysteries, floating islands.
  • Battle inside a "vampiric" castle.
  • Epic music.
  • Hardly any technology
  • Always a flawless ambience

Minor flaws but forgivable.

  • Reusing models its breaking immersion, encountering with crypts I feel like I'm farming silverwastes mobs with a buged texture, sometimes i have impression that "red rock bastion is controlled by the pact" will pop anytime. I hope they pay attention to this in future stuff.
  • Encounters with rifts is a copy of the concept of Dragon Age Inquisition(or Dragon Age II). This is not a mortal sin, but in Dragon Age, rift demons have unique models and have rare rewards used to craft weapons.

It is visible that Anet has a new team different from the ones that at least made it until the POF, and believe that they deserve a chance.

Ah before i forget: narcisse is lovely.

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