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Skyscale's fireball aiming

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Please someone tell me how I can change that small invisible white dot for my own icon. Skill itself is not bad, but "aiming" take too long since I really can not see 3x3 or 4x4 px size white dot in all other graphic effects. Even if I put all graphics to min, then I still have issues to see that small dot.

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3 hours ago, Nemesis.8576 said:

Fireball on Skyscale:  Precision Aimed Ability, you must be joking.  This ability is right there at the top of the list for missing its target.  Either this is bug, or the description is wildly inaccurate.

What list? Like you hold key for fireball to aim and that would be fine since, but when you do that you actualy go to action camera mode. that actually use that small white dot.


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