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Mount Set Collection Guide - Last updated on 07/11/2023

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If you like having matching mount skins like me, this guide might prove helpful, providing all the data you need in a clean visual way:

There's three mount series, each with their own line of saddles:

  • Core: The initial variants released with Path of Fire, Living World Season 4, and End of Dragons.
  • Canthan: End of Dragons variants (no skimmer and no roller beetle, sadge).
  • Astral Ward: Secrets of the Obscure variants (only raptor and skyscale so far).

There's three primary ways of obtaining new mount skins:

  • Mounts Pack: These started providing complete sets of 5, but swapped to 3 of the same mount later on.
  • Mount License: The classic adoption/selection licenses.
  • Exclusive Mount: Direct purchase from gem store, sometimes available through Black Lion Chests.

The whole thing is generated through some basic code, which allows me to update it easily with just a few clicks, so expect quick updates in the future, every time there's new mount skins belonging to a mount set.

Previous updates:


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  • Lonami.2987 changed the title to Mount Set Collection Guide - Last updated on 07/11/2023

Update: November 07, 2023

There's 15 new mount skins, introduced through the Arcane Delights Mount Adoption License and the Arcane Delights Mount Select License.

Of those 15, there's 9 of them qualifying for set membership:

New categories:

  • Primal Maguuma: Feathered, Manticore.

Updates to existing categories:

  • Aurora Blessed: Tigris.
  • Blazing: Feathered, Manticore.
  • Darkmist: Tigris.
  • Glacial: Cuckoo, Vulpine [1].
  • Star: Siege Turtle.

[1] This is the second Vulpine in the Glacial category.

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