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Scribe Search Bugged - Does not search guild decoration storage

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This continues to be bugged.  It was fixed and then broken and then fixed and now it is bugged again.   If you search an item, only what you can store and not what the guild decoration storage. 

Search "skull"  and you get items that use a "skull" to craft with

However if you search "pumpkin" for example, you only get 2 items with "pumpkin" in the name. Even though there are tons of items that use pumpkins to craft with.

You can also do the test with "Zephyr"  if you search just "Zephyr" you get all the items with "Zephyr" in the title, but as soon as you add Lantern, which "Zephyr Lantern" is in the guild decoration storage, everything goes away and leaves you with one item "Zephyr Koi Lantern"

"Zephyr" search

"Zephyr Lantern" Search

Last Example: Search "Matrix"   you will see Matrix is not in any name of the item, but it is in the name of an item that is used to craft it.

 The best way to find all the Festival items was searching the item that is used in the crafting of that item.  This being bugged really creates an announcing on tracking down the item that might use something in guild decoration storage.

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