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Collection of active RP guilds on NA and EU

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I've recently begun collecting active RP guilds in hopes to make the community easier accessible.

The result can be found at https://gw2rp.carrd.co/

I'd love to add more guilds, for which there are a few requirements:

  • Be active - this means you actively RP in game
  • Be open to having new members
  • Be accepting of the fact I'll reach out to you at least every other month to check in with you

Please reach out to me if you believe your guild meets these requirements, or if you know of a guild that does, but is not listed yet.

All guilds listed have agreed on being added to the list; having guilds advertised somewhere I can reach them, does not mean they are automatically added.

To reach out to me, find zerwid on Discord, or Selirnon in-game!

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