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Why not the same for glider??

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"An option to disable griffon and skyscale mounts from flying on ley lines has been added. This function is toggled via the default F1 skill while mounted on either the griffon or skyscale mounts if the player has the Ley-Line Acclimation Mastery unlocked in the Secrets of the Obscure Flight Training Mastery track.

Disabling or reenabling flying mounts on ley lines persists permanently and is a shared setting for both flying mounts. (For example, if you disable it on your griffon and log out, the next time you log back in and mount your griffon or skyscale, it will be disabled until you reenable it.)"


Some have been asking to have a choice to disable gliders for a long time (mainly for JP's). Maybe an NPC asking is they can hold your glider at the start of a JP and then return it at the completion. Just throwing it out there. I don't expect that any Anet personal will respond though.


P.S. I see the confused ----yep, they sure are .

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