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Those of you who played Wildstar Medic (Scrapper question)


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I'm saving points now to start the Scrapper and i'm wondering if it's similar to how the Medic worked in Wildstar?
In that game they had small flying robots that helped them with healing and damage and I really liked that class. 

Is it anything like that with the Scrapper?
So far I have only been able to place 1/3 of the talents and i'm still feeling squishy, but i have read that it is a rather good spec to solo with. So I guess i'm either doing something wrong or it will come later when more points are placed. So while I collect them i'm running the Mechanic.

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bulwarg gyro will give you barrier (temporary hp), and if you use hammer 3 in it, you will daze mobs around (thay will can't hit you) it's lighting field + Leap or blast finisher that do that effect

Also if you use medic gyro, if you leap while it (using hammer 3 or skill that have blast finisher in it) you will be healed for adional ammount

Blast gyro gives you might and on end it stun all enemys around

Shreder Gyro is aoe dmg 


The only think that you need keep in mind that your gyros (robots) will by flyting on you (not as npc) but visualy as skill, it's unice for scrapper that your fields moving with you racher then be stationary, so you can perform combos while moving


You will get also more tanky once you unlock Impact Savant (it's almost last trait) that will convert your dmg into barrier, so the more power dmg you do, the more tanky you are





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16 hours ago, Cookiemonster.6327 said:

Thankyou, what a nice reply 🙂

also i recomend you to check mechanist, you controling one ai pet, that you can modificate to mele/range/boons, and your geting pasive healing from signet, you can joink hammer from scrapper to mechanist right now, and be better ranger

you got also shift signet, that you can teleport to any place, and your mech pet copy boons from you to himself

 also mechanist is much easier to play as casual as pet doing half job for you

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