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[NA] Looking for LATE night guild please <3


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If you can do/handle late-night events 1AM+ EST (Because I'm an evening shift worker) YOU are the guild for me! Please please please contact me :3
But, if you cannot host events this late in the evening, you might as well turn away now. I'm sorry T_T But, good luck with your guild ❤️

-My name is Addison!
-I'm 35 years old
-EST/GMT -5 (Virginia)
-Work assistant manager/cafe worker inside a sports facility. Love working the Adult League nights, making food and pouring pitchers of beer for the adults! I've met many great people through working in the cafe for over 10 years. It's how I became so outgoing and socially extroverted!
-People love to say that I have a heart of gold and an amazing personality with great positive vibes and that I'm always super friendly and kind ❤️
-I love being an introvert though and stick home to stream shows online like Netflix, play video games like Single Player JRPGs and Cozy Games and Platformers. Also really love my family and hanging out with them too from time to time!
-I used to love doing fitness all the time, but now I just do it from time to time just to keep these muscles I've gained, self-motivation is really hard for me and so I don't do as much fitness as I should be doing!
-I have a great partner in life and she's my everything. It's long distant relationship of 1 year and 3 months, we can't wait to be together! And someday, when we move in permanently together, she's my duo/player number 2 gaming partner!

Alright, I think I've done my best with this post/introduction and hope that I'll hear from you soon!

OH! Before I forget, I have a level 61 Guardian that hasn't been touched for a couple months.
I've returned to GW2 recently and am pretty set in stones with playing GW2 as my only major MMORPG. So, I know I'll be dedicated to playing GW2 a lot.
I've decided to make a new character upon my return for now, a Necromancer, and I know I'll be having a blast with this one.
-My home server in GW2 is Ferguson's Crossing. Because I'm in another guild I'd like to do WvW with but hopefully I can! With my work schedule and all.

Hope to hear from you! ❤️ 

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