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new Legendary Runes idea

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Ok so, legendaries in this game are meant to save you a massive headache of switching armor, especially if u use other builds, but what is meant to do as well is be an eye candy for u and everyone around u, yet legendary runes are basicaly neglected, and sort of forgotten too. 

I believe I have a way to fix that, u know how when u enter battle stance with perfected envoy chest armor, it gives off wings temporarly. Well then how about when you enter a battle stance, orbs appear above your head and the number of orbs will reflect how many legendary runes you have, if you have 2 legendary runes, 2 orbs will flash…etc. 

Because I find it hard to believe that you dont only need to craft 1 legendary rune, but 6 of them for each armor slot, investing aroooounnndddd….4000g? 5000g? And not even get recognized for investing this much.


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