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  1. A grid where you choose the positions and they remain would be great. Maybe even unlimited rows X however many columns fit, so I could group all rangers together, thieves, etc. Right now, for 48 characters, I have to do a lot of scrolling. Lots of room for improvement -- but those suggestions have been presented for years, with no change.
  2. Launching off your mount is great for when your springer or gryphon doesn't quite get you to that ledge. Just launch and you'll make it. The skill does have a cooldown, though. I rarely spend time on those maps, so just from daily gathering my home instance I have 1700+ of all those map material/currencies. All those nodes really do pay off.
  3. I believe they are sorted, it is just the names of the runes that confuses things. Superior Rune of the ____ all come before Superior Rune of Torment, for example. That "the" throws off a lot of what I expect when looking for runes, but maybe that is just me.
  4. People have complained and made suggestions re: character select for years. Maybe someday... wait! DX11 will fix it! 🙂
  5. Your post is mostly black on black. Did you apply some sort of background or highlighting? May be why nobody has responded.
  6. I've had the Gryphon for quite a while, but have put off getting the Skyscale until my brother catches up, then we'll work it together. I consider the Gryphon a game changer. Not only is it useful as my general purpose mount, but it is just plain fun. I don't have the Skyscale yet, so maybe someone else can comment on the "fun factor" compared to Gryphon?
  7. Did you put one in your aquabreather?
  8. I was hoping the hammer would be ranged, especially after PoF's melee elite. We'll have to see how it feels next week. Hopefully some profession will get a good, fun ranged option. So far it looks like Virtuoso for me.
  9. I have multiple characters of each profession, so each elite is a different character -- mostly. I do have a couple with both elites unlocked. Looking at my account, my most played character by far is my Guardian/Dragonhunter, but I got burnt out on it part way through PoF, so switched to a Revenant/Renegade for a while, then a Necromancer/Reaper. Neither of those last 2 are top 5. Lately my most played have been a Mesmer/Mirage and Mesmer/Chrono, so those two are my #2 and #3 most played. I've almost exclusively played a character that can do a portal, since I've been running with m
  10. "Do you ever regret your race/profession combo?" I hope not. I have 47 characters. 😶
  11. Should we make a list...which doesn't include just getting on a raptor and running... Guild halls have access to HoT or PoF Lily of the Elon, and similar hubs Portals, for season 3 and 4 World Boss Portal Device - I use this and the Maguuma one constantly on a new character, to open up waypoints Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device Sunspear portal gizmo Waypoint unlocks (if you want to spend the gems) Teleport to Friend
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