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  1. Has it ever mattered much? And what in particular are you concerned about? The world boss updates? I don't see what that has to do with Steam, they needed an update. Something else? And did I miss something? Has a launch date been announced?
  2. GW2 has not released yet on Steam. Or are you trying to say something else, since you didn't actually say anything?
  3. He's playing an asuran mechanist, so obviously he's going for the Triple Threat: Mech + Golem from rune + Golem from elite!
  4. Dungeons aren't developed so are more abandoned by the devs than dead. People do them. Anet changed dungeon rewards recently, so they all award the same currency. So, I believe you'll need to do the dungeon once to unlock that line of rewards, but then can run any dungeon. The Tyrian Exchange Voucher and WvW reward tracks also can reward dungeon currency.
  5. Whatever you do, don't delete any existing characters. Birthday presents are character-based, and the gifts are soulbound until you open them. Well, needless to say, a ton has changed since you were here last. You already own the game, so get it installed and jump in again. You can take a level 80 to lower areas and through the personal story, if they haven't already done it, so you might poke around on an existing character while you decide if you want to start a fresh character. WvW has changed a lot, some will say it's dead, but some will say GW2 is dead. Again, hop in and try it
  6. Setup an account on gw2efficiency.com (get an account API key) and use it to see what is profitable according to what you have on your account. Note that you really do need to play a while and build up material stores, both to max crafting and then to craft things to sell. If you're buying materials to turn into something to sell, you won't be making much. Start by doing daily things - make a charged quartz crystal, and when your crafting is high enough, the 4 daily ecto refinements (leather, silk, mithril, elder wood). There are others, do a little research. Whether it is truly wort
  7. Yeah, knowing you have invested in your current account changes things. You'll want to upgrade it. Start playing now, but keep an eye out for sales. When I said Hot + PoF included with EoD, I meant for free, like HoT is with PoF now. Sorry if the way I worded it caused any confusion.
  8. If you're considering buying PoF, you might consider buying it and applying it to a new account. Sounds like you don't have too much play time in the game already. Having that 2nd account even if all you do is log in daily, provides "free" gold and a 2nd source of mystic coins, which can be used in crafting or sold for more gold. I say "free" because obviously you need to log in and at some point cash in laurels and send stuff to your main, which does take some time. Nobody knows when/if EoD will include the previous expansions. The anniversary sales should start tomorrow (I assume)
  9. Frankly, they provide nothing beneficial and it would be better if they just went away.
  10. Weapons. The achievement predates legendary trinkets.
  11. Anet can't even handle advertising their game out on the Web, you think they can handle ads in-game? 🤔
  12. None of the above. I only see players whining.
  13. I recommend the Flame Legion Warhorn for proper Steam Release.
  14. I'd go back to where you got them and get new keys or a refund. I've bought Heroic's from Amazon, supposedly new games, but once the code was already used. I just returned it and got another. tldr: Heroic keys do still work, added some a while back with no trouble.
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