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  1. Agreed. I only fish when it's a daily. But I do gather a lot of nodes. I wish they'd randomly award an infusion or ascended gear every once in a while.
  2. Can't you just play activities without them being part of the WV dailies?
  3. Well, by the time a game is released that covers all the OPs wishes, I'll probably not be playing computer games any more, just rocking on my porch yelling at kids to stay off my lawn.
  4. Remind me, what are the successful open world PvP games right now? I only play GW2, so honestly don't know. Crowfall is one, right?
  5. I seem to remember trying that once, but it dropped me out of stealth cuz I got too far away, or something, I dunno. I can eventually get behind the tents, then just wait for the flag to reset over and over.
  6. Clarification: Remove your character's gear. Please don't play GW2 naked, especially on Discord. Thanks.
  7. Hit them, then quit attacking and just chase after them? 🤔
  8. Have you chosen the Untamed specialization in the 3rd (bottom) row? Have you selected traits?
  9. Some of those upgrades require higher level power cores. What power core is installed? (I don't believe charges have any bearing on equipping things, just using the bot for things)
  10. We are excited to announce that replacing Activities will be the daily objective: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Join_the_Ash_Legion_of_Tawny_Ridge_in_stealth_operations
  11. It's more than the 10aa though, really. It could be 30aa + 10AP + 1g if avoiding disliked content prevents the daily from being completed. "Could" because not everyone gets the +10AP, so for some that is not a factor. The +1g may not be a factor for others who have plenty of gold.
  12. I think it becomes a lesser of two evils scenario. If the other 3 dailies are more enjoyable, those are completed and the activity ignored. But if one of the other 3 is a buggy mini-dungeon, then the activity is chosen. So in a way, the players that dislike activities feel forced into them when other choices are even less desirable. That is assuming they care about getting in their dailies that day.
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