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instead of 'restructuring' or 'alliances' do these easy things

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a) Remove 3 servers from EU. One French, one German, one International. Give the players of these servers free transfers if they move out on their own - or maybe even give small to medium guilds the ability to move to one server in one transfer

b) Increase rewards, so people have an actual reason to play this mode

c) Freaking finally hit EOD specs with the nerf hammer.

The restructuring betas just kill the mood and are even more unbalanced than the servers before. With servers between relinks, things sort themselves out - some servers go down, others go up until everyone is at their sweet spot. But with this mess? It is just endless suffering with no end in sight.

Just admit defeat and stop it.

And while you are at it, remove stealth from wvw. You were unable to fix it in 12 years. Time to do the right thing. 

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