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Vile Vials vs Septic Corruption

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Hey all there ūüĎč

I need a suggestion to a mostly PvE Open World Condition Harbinger build. I know the effect is decent but what is the point of taking the trait 'Vile Vials' or 'Septic Corruption' ?
One stack of vulnerability is as effective as 4 stacks blight (2 stacks before update) but you can only have 25 stacks of blight maximum plus you consume blight.
Vulnerability is a more hybrid Condition but doesn't lasts that long.

Can someone explain the advantages of 'Vile Vials' or rather 'Septic Corruption' ? 

Thank you all¬†ūüėĄ

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Vile Vials

  • This trait buffs the damage of all allies¬†to the target (even up to 5) as well.
  • Useless if your party is able to¬†keep up 25 stacks of¬†vulnerability¬†without this trait (guess that's the reason why the dps meta build uses Septic Corruption).

Septic Corruption

  • Less damage even if factoring in the poison damage, but poison is also a very valuable¬†utility condition in the competitive modes.
  • Unlike vulnerability this¬†damage multiplier can not be cleansed by the target, which is a factor in the competitive modes as well.
  • This trait is a no brainer for condi harb if you don't want to pick¬†any elixiers or only one for whatever reason.
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