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My Feedback for Pistol

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Again as with Hammer another utter failure to understand the profession and what it needs.  The design phase had poor (any?) consultation with the customer /player base on what we wanted.  E.G there weer many things we could have had: 1200 range skills, wide condy coverage, a ranged power weapon, less reliance on stats to top up sustain.  And so on and so forth.

What did we get?

- Poor animations and awful sound, clunky skill casting. Bullet appears 3 feet in front of me for some reason.

- UX - you expect people to stare at the condition icons in the heat of battle to work out in milliseconds the state of your buffs.

- Air - absolutely useless, what exactly was the use cases and scenarios this was meant to support?!  Its dead on pvp.

- Poor burst, poor cleave.

- the 4 bullet skill.  I would be embarrassed by what can be inferred here with regards to lack of design skill.  Expecting a player to flip between all 4 elements skipping skills to then get 800 dmg and 1 aura, eh, what?

- Does not address the fundamental issue with condy in ele, bad condy coverage, its just another sceptre now but worse.

- Still pandering to bs catalyst with yet another aura on demand, which is probably going to cause the same problems caused when they pandered to catalyst with the signet skills. 

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