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  1. Again as with Hammer another utter failure to understand the profession and what it needs. The design phase had poor (any?) consultation with the customer /player base on what we wanted. E.G there weer many things we could have had: 1200 range skills, wide condy coverage, a ranged power weapon, less reliance on stats to top up sustain. And so on and so forth. What did we get? - Poor animations and awful sound, clunky skill casting. Bullet appears 3 feet in front of me for some reason. - UX - you expect people to stare at the condition icons in the heat of battle to work out in milliseconds the state of your buffs. - Air - absolutely useless, what exactly was the use cases and scenarios this was meant to support?! Its dead on pvp. - Poor burst, poor cleave. - the 4 bullet skill. I would be embarrassed by what can be inferred here with regards to lack of design skill. Expecting a player to flip between all 4 elements skipping skills to then get 800 dmg and 1 aura, eh, what? - Does not address the fundamental issue with condy in ele, bad condy coverage, its just another sceptre now but worse. - Still pandering to bs catalyst with yet another aura on demand, which is probably going to cause the same problems caused when they pandered to catalyst with the signet skills.
  2. Other MMORPG have tried the same and have had the same issues. The problem is that the game would need to cope with character state, while avoiding wrecking account level state. Now imagine the test cost in guaranteeing the is implemented properly, and the complaints and triage cost to deal with live issues if errors occur. Imagine a player with 10 years worth of recorded progress and you can see the issue.
  3. aka niche melee build while everything else rots.
  4. lol ele is still a car crash, cmc stroking melee builds yet again and failing to understand the profession does not help the diversity of the class.
  5. Yeah absolutely. Anet have a couple of choices to generate an income beyond the expansions: - A Sub - aka £200 a year give or take. - Gem shop items. Some of these will need to be highly attractive items like templates, It will be nice if most are fluff, and it would be nice if you can buy with in game currency, - Gem shop items where you cannot buy using in game currency. - A manipulative cynical buy-to-win model. For e.g, the only way you can get ascended food is via the shop etc. Option 2 is the best for customers and lowest cost/highest convenience BY FAR
  6. And here is where the problem lies 'permanent protection and projectile reflects, stab and getting healed' ignorance and echo chambers like this. Aside from broken cata, ele is a mess in PVP and WVW. No burst, no wide coverage for condy, no ranged build (but has low hp and Toughness), and gimmicky overloads that lock you into animations that is trivially dealt with by anyone with a slither of skill.
  7. "I am totally aware that a lot of people will not see it. Especially the WvW and sPvP sub-communitites mostly operate in their own sub-boards. Instanced Content, same" Is not correct, most players who pvp and wvw also pve.
  8. POE is also not a mmorpg. ofc they intend to get money from you (i.e get paid for their work), but the point is Anet is far from greedy, hence no sub and hence they don't make huge profits. Players pay for the expansions and you get your value from that, then the game keeps going and people continue to enjoy the community, the CPU time, the memory, the state management, the security, the costs to maintain everything. Too many people these days feel entitled to get exactly what they want without having to think about true cost. So rather than looking for greedy corporations and dark conspiracies maybe consider we want things in the gem shop to be useful and desirable and we actually want to contribute something to the game to keep it alive.
  9. F% remove catalyst from game would be better.
  10. Suggest you need to add 'achievement and collection hunting' as its core to the GW Series.
  11. a MMORPG that lets you you play for free and offers a items that you find desirable is good design not bad design. Go try ESO if you want tot see what happens when you don't pay a sub and want storage. If you want more bags/builds/templates, make em or buy em, problem solved.
  12. difficult to answer as poll is missing a number of options: WVW, PVP, Achievement and collection Hunting, build experimentation, Fashion.
  13. Definitely referring to wvw. The problem is not condy it is the fact certain classes can spew out many different conditions at the same time which should not be permitted in my view (and i play condy primarily) as its basically dictating that the target must be able to spam condy removal or they will be damaged heavily. RE above Mesmer is not just 4 at same time, on top of this you have sigils and relics etc.
  14. I think your right re stats, make it 0 for just being present, and add more types of top stats instead, including some reward like say1 pip for being in combat for 75% of battle duration when not dead, which means even new players can be rewards by trying hard.
  15. In PVP the problem is that cmc character clearly does not understand anything beyond melee and his precious cata that has ruined so much for ele. Look beyond cata and what do we have: - Sceptre main - poor condition dmg and bad condy coverage and no burst and and dragon tooth that does 2k dmg if it hits after hanging above the opponents head for a few seconds. AA also has no mainstrike condy. - Staff pvp - just nope or niche support. - Dagger, melee - Dagger off hand - melee - Warhorn - 1 slow fire field, 1 air spike every 24 seconds if you stack power/ferocity/condy at cost of all other stats. - Focus - defensive. - Hammer clunky, designed for..yes you got it Cata and combos. Total mess. They need people who don't just play meta to feed into the design process properly not this skewed view of the world.
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