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[NA][WvW] Put up your Dookems [OOK] We love defense and scouting!

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Hello and welcome to the greatest and most spectacular alliance community ever developed!

A few details for those who may be interested in rolling with us. I’m a gaming dad and my son helps lead the guild. In addition to that I am joined by my #1 second in command named Alec. Truly a legend. Last but definitely not least our mastermind of all things OOK who goes by the name of Zeen. Zeen the Machine. Unstoppable really. You won’t even see them until its far too late to hide your tacos. We have a fabulous array of couples, random folks of all ages and people who understand that sometimes the best method for WvW play is strategic shenanigans. I call us ‘competitively casual’ where we play when we want to and how we want to.

I will be running two scheduled nights per week. Attendance is voluntary. Show up because you want to not because I’m beating you about the hands and face. Though I may do that in special circumstances by request.

My goal is to gather most excellent souls who have no home, are contained and constrained within PVE guilds and still have an interest in PVP or just individuals that enjoy the highest levels of fashion.

Our goals are simple:

·         Play both WvW and sPVP in the most annoying, satisfying, gratifying manner possible

·         Zero schedules because those cause intestinal cramping (two nights a week we will break bread together this is totally not true who let this guy in here)

·         Show up when you can, contribute where you will and spread your Dookems wide

·         Collaborate and elaborate on builds together...but only if they cause sadness

·         Understand that the best games in life are played with spoons


Put up your Dookems revolves around one very important rule: Absolutely ZERO DOOKERS in here. None. Not gonna happen. We routinely each night go out of our way to Ook everyone right up their Dooker. We send invitations beforehand in order to make sure that everyone is invited to the thighmaster brigade.

Some of our most famous events include:

Which way are the Yaks REALLY going? Does anyone know?

I walk 5,000 range to deliver my messages of love to you

Portal? I hardly knew em!

Conquest of the Ruins that kinda look like that weird birthday cake we had in 2nd grade with the melted Elmo face. But dammit mom tried.

Dancing with no bearings letting our wheels fall off

Eruption of Mustache Wax

Alliances: Okay our game plan for this is to gather like minded people. Do you enjoy home BL defense? So DO WE. Do you enjoy outnumbered fights and grabbing whatever is close by to squeeze it repeatedly? SAME. This a group of friends, sons, fathers, some moms, a dance pavilion and a solid block of cheese.

If these and other PVP games like "who stole my enormous potato" appeal to you, check us out.

Fatherbliss.4701 – Lead Ooker

Alec.1430 – Head Designer of Fashion

Lorthrean.7418 – Master of all Pies

Shrouded zeen.1657 – He who Waits





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  • Fatherbliss.4701 changed the title to [NA][WvW] Put up your Dookems [OOK] We love defense and scouting!

you better strut strut strut down to our place and hold this amazing hat in front of your face

so we know you are real

we know you are better than chocolate

rampant artist running along the parapets

sounding trumpets at the elite

with their crumpets and

cars made from infernal machines


What what save us from my beat poetry!

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