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Quiet Scepter


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Hello! Been recently using more scepter but the sound on the autoattack makes me depressed with how loud and jarring it is.

Are there any quieter scepters out there that people have had experience with? I imagine the legendary ones but looking to avoid that as I'm not that committed yet lol.


Thanks in advance!

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Posted (edited)

I think you can change the volume of weapons for settings, that might help

also the ascender boneskinner skin has legendary quality aka new projectiles, but I think it still has the same sound as the normal ones. I think that's true for other legendary weapons too if I think about my dagger and sword. So even among legendaries, the number of weapons with different sound is quite low, and they're usually more annoying than the default (ex : quip, the dreamer, Pop Gun Skin).

As far as I only know there's only pistol, rifle, shortbow and warhorn skins that change the sound of your weapon.

You can find a list of weapon skins with special  animations/sounds on the wiki, though the list is outdated and not upkept very well so quite a number of entries are missing.

Sound skins list

Animation list

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