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Senseless "Recaptcha" Farce

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These "Recaptcha" workflows are so cryptic, and/or the images are so small that details are not legible in many of them, and/or the images are so grainy that details are completely obscured (regardless of the hypothetical legibility, assuming they were not grainy), etc, that they can take 5+ minutes of ridiculously redundant (and unnecessary, and completely uncompensated) time/effort to negotiate.

I just went through a couple of rounds of these, trying to log into my accounts (yes, 2x account*S* PLURAL) to give ArenaNet my money (for Janthir Wilds), that ended up 20+ challenges deep... because I apparently was including tiles containing the elements of the riders of bicycles or motorcycles as part of the image, or was not including tiles containing the tiniest tip of a handlebar or brake lever or support structure for a streetlight, or was including the banisters of stairs as well as the treads of stairs, or simply could not make out the minuscule image of the bicycle or streetlight or crosswalk or car or bus, WAY OFF IN THE DISTANCE in an image presented at a scale of 20mm square on my screen... and/or that was impossibly grainy, etc.

The whole exercise is senselessly farcical, an annoying burden on otherwise LOYAL PAYING CUSTOMERS, and and at this point its primary purpose seems to have become to jerk us around (it has gone way beyond filtering out brute force attempts to crack passwords). Knock it off. Please.

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