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Umbriel cm convergence

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1. Try to go for 10 alac heal and 10 quick dps (and by try I mean try to get these specific boon supports, you definitely need proper subgroup set up). If possible bring alac heal necros for dealing with players getting downed efficiently as well as barrier

2. Spread out to all 4 islands equally to save time on the preevent phase. This is double important if you are aiming for gold and the achievement

3. Explain the fight properly to players, especially his numbers attack which will down a great amount of players if ignored

4. Bring sufficient conditions cleanse to allow for free movenent. Not cleansing the immobilize he uses results in worse movement ability and thus downstates

5. Hard to control with 50 players but fighting him closer to Zojja makes healing less of an issue and time wasted running is lower

6. This fight needs proper dps players. Not fractal cm or raid or strike proper,  but average 5k dps open world will not cut it

7. Minimize movement to Zojja, dps players need to manage keeping stacks for more damage versus risking going downstate (or worse: dying) 

8. If you have guildies or friends you can call upon as proper core group, do so. That is if they are decent players

In the end this comes down a lot to who joins and how well those players perform.

The ratio for players which slack off or do not pay attention to mechanics versus decent players is a lot tighter on this fight.

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