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1 second freeze on certain "paintbrush" animations opening/closing UI

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After some patch (not sure which one) I am getting a very jarring stutter when opening/closing certain windows that seems to be when the paintbrush animation happens. 


The Hero Panel when on equipment tab

The PvP scoreboard

Reading a book in the world (the window that opens showing you the text on the pages)


Not a huge issue but just wanted to report here because it is definitely the game and needs to be fixed.

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I have having the same issue, using spvp scoreboard (my B button).  Doesn't happen in overworld/wvw when I press B, just when I am in a spvp match.  In general I do not experience lag any other time in the game.  This is only since a recent patch (maybe the build in which brought in the last chapter of soto).


Also when reading books, noted a 1-2 second lag in the latest soto story instances looking for the books in the tower and also the books in the wizards tower.

The gem store also seems to have the same issue, but not as bad. 

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TP behaves the same for me since they changed the browser. What's even more annoying is the Wizard's Vault, which has this second long stutters aswell. Even more hilarious when the game itself runs at max. settings absolutly smooth.

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