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Missing map comp rewards for HoT maps

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Hello! I've completed all the HoT maps a while ago and only now, probably some years later decided to craft a leggy that would require the Gift of Tarir, Chak and etc. I was sure they were just gathering dust in my bank tabs, but turns out I don't have any of them and can't buy them from the vendors either. Is it possible that I never received them? I'm not usually in a habit of deleting valuable items 🤔
Thank you!

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Oh wow you guys!! Good job, great ideas! If I simply misplaced it somewhere, I would have actually found it with all your help!
But sadly, even gw2efficiency doesn't see neither the individual map gifts, nor the combined Maguuma one. And yes, I double-checked: I have 100% Map completions on all and every World maps except for the SotO ones (ty for the reminder btw, will go work on that in the meantime )
(Upd: on all and every World maps now... not that it matters for the HoT question 😅)

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