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Support Reply times slow even after being initially responded to.

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Hi All,

Not sure how many of you have experienced this so far, but I do have a bit of an unusual case so i know its probably not an 'easy fix', prior to the wardrobe system and ascended weapons/armour. I managed to Craft Frostfang, with multiple transmutation charges used on it to move the weapon (as they were soulbound back then) to another character by transmuting it onto a white tier weapon which caused it to go account bound in order to move it across to another character. This caused me to end up losing the actual legendary version of the weapon when the wardrobe released. So long story short, I have been in contact with support, logged a ticket, took 12 days to answer first to ask only one question (as I've been providing as much info as i can, like character created on and when it was to the best of my knowledge from 5 years ago!)

I don't mind waiting if the responses are worth it. the first response I had was..(after 12 days of logging my ticket) 'Is the character still live or has it been deleted?' Which is perfectly fine, which I replied albeit a few hours later when I woke up due to time differences (EU here), then it has taken a further 14 hours to get a simple reply, of we cannot see the fact you ever crafted the legendary. so they cannot honor my request. (Though the fact I have the skin for Frostfang unlocked in my account wardrobe says I created it and Bound it to my account in one form or another at some point.)

The only problem I am having is that the replies form support have been utterly unhelpful and they have not asked any other questions and seem to be happy to rely on only the information I provided to them, I feel like it was an inconvenience for me to ask them for support from their responses and I have replied to the last response asking for them to ask any questions they need to know the answers to to prove I have created the legendary weapon in the past. but it has now been a further 2 days (coming up to 3) without another response.

This is the first bad experience from support that I have had, all other times they seem to be perfectly happy to help you out with the more 'easy fix' solutions like being unable to log in ect.

For reference my ticket number is : 6580054, initial response was 3 days ago with another reply within a few hours which i then responded to, now coming up to 2-3 days without another Anet reply.

TL:DR - Lost a legendary weapon and support being entirely unhelpful and unnecessarily slow after the initial ticket response anyone else experienced this when logging a unique problem?

Has anyone else had similar problems with support on feeling ignored and that they don't really care about your problem?

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I posted a message of praise for them on the old forums. They were very thorough in their review of something that was happening to me (no credit for Chak Gerent event to get exotic back piece from HoT achievement track). I did have to complete the map meta event a few more times and get some screen shots to back-up my claim. It took a few weeks and several back and forth messages to get it resolved. The burden of proof that was on me for a relatively inconsequential item was irritating at first, but they did explain that precedent and protocol were factors. Support is bound by their procedures, and many of those procedures are in place to maintain a very high standard of integrity. They've seen a lot of attempts to subvert this and gain what wasn't earned (even for small things, oddly enough).

I'm not making excuses, but Support has been very busy over the past several weeks. Please be patient with them and continue to follow up/follow protocol for escalation.

Best of luck in getting this resolved soon!

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Thank you for the reply @crashburntoo.7431 ! Though my Case is one of those ones where I'm sure there has to be some hundreds of layers of hoops to jump through and protocol to follow due to it being a legendary weapon (especially one lost so long ago in 2013), I'd just appreciate being given the direction to take, rather than left with no answered and a blunt 'No' as good as, and then to be ignored for 3 days following that. Its just not a very nice feeling to get form a Support team even though I have no qualms against working with support to gather information /evidence for them, in fact ive been trying to supply them with every bit of information that i could possible think they would need.

I'm doing my best to be patient, but 3 days is a long time to wait once you had the first round of responses :dissapointed:

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