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Who is Koris Deeprunner?


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We see this name as the credit for the quote for the new Freezie Crown skin, but I checked the wiki and there's nothing on them. Who is this? What could they mean for the story and future releases if they are a new character? The quote is for a winter themed skin so it may have something to do with the Shiverpeaks?

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@Fenom.9457 said:

@"Aaron Ansari.1604" said:
, who broke into Freezie's home in GW1.

Ah, ok. Though I read the wiki page on him and didn't see Freezie mentioned. But I'm also VERY interested in the implications of Dwarves in Woodland Cascades...

Did you read through the quest pages? Basically, the lost treasure he went looking for was in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen.

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