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Looking for some Add-ons/API/Mods that are current.


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So I'm familiar with the concept of add-ons/mods from playing WoW and ESO but for GW2, I can't seem to find anything that's been updated at all since 2015. I know with those two games, because of the constant updates that the add-ons need to be updated as well but don't know if the same logic applies to Guild Wars 2. Overall, mostly what I'm looking for is a World Event Timer that can be put somewhere on the UI so I can just take a glance of what's coming up and not have to use my phone or alt-tab to Dulfy's timer.I'm also looking for something that is like Auctioneer or the Tamriel Trading Company addon as well but all the ones I'm finding with google searching are 2+ years since they've been updated.

Any help would be appreciated, especially pointing to a main hub site (like how ESO has esoui.com) that keeps versions of the addons updated would be great too.

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Also to add on the poster before, there isn't really a heavy API for add-ons like in WoW and probably ESO then too.Most websites access the web-API (api.guildwars2.com/v2/) to retrieve information, from in-game there is only the mumble-API (it's providing data of your current location and camera position, as well as a few character details as level, race and class).

For some time now there have been some tools which integrate directly into the DirectX interface and read out the memory of gw2 directly, while that works okay now, it doesn't work as great as WoW's integration f.e..

Tools which are good to use in-game are gw2taco(markers for all sorts of collectibles and tactical stuff, also a boss and map timer) and arcdps (dps meter and a base version of build templates).There's also some version of gw2timer, which does similar things as gw2taco, but I find taco is easier to use most of the time. Also, arcdps isn't explicitly allowed. You can use it for now, as an ArenaNet employee looked through the source code and verified it, but they can still deny it in the future or if the dev adds features to it ArenaNet doesn't want it to have.

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