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  1. Ulgoth is almost always bugged every other month or so. Major patch comes out? Ulgoth be bugged. It's almost like a mainstay, if Ulgoth isn't bugged after a major patch it feels wrong. Also, I think there's a chat code /id that gives you what map you are on. I usually write myself a note for that and then the next time the boss is supposed to pop, check to make sure it's not that map that is bugged. That should help you and anyone else out in the future for bugged events/bosses or wanting to report a bugged event/bosses.
  2. Hopefully with the way they are working on things, that there will be a system in the future where there will be dyeable versions. Like how they did with the collection tools when they introduced being able to remove the glyphs. Have the same vendor and if you have the item unlocked, be able to trade it in for the newer version. I know your pain though. I love the scarab beetle backpack/glider combo. It sucks I can't dye that kitten backpack.
  3. Only the uber rich are gonna be 'lol I bought all of them on the TP. I'm rich you know.' you know this right? Also we have no details at all right now how they will function on the TP. The precursor is just like the other precurors(one skin), however the legendaries have different appearances. So let's think this. Each weapon has 6 appearances. Aurene's will probably be the base appearance. However, there's no mention on that post if you have to lock in that weapon (ie add it to your armory) to get the other appearances. So until we get that info on how that goes about, the safest conclusion is gonna be, that the only ones on the TP are gonna be Aurene's skins until we are told differently. NOW: If we follow the logic that the one appearance that will ever show up will be the base appearance because to get the other appearances you will have to add the legendary into your armory, that would draw the conclusion that there will still be time and resources sunk into the legendary for the person to get the appearance they want. So even if I swiped a card or got gifted gems on my birthday or some kitten, I'd still have to invest time into playing the game, as the posts says you won't have to spend a ton of resources remaking each weapon. It DOES NOT SAY what the mat/time sink is for each appearance. For all we know, it'll have a collection style achievement like the other legendaries where we have to do a combination of a bunch of stuff on top of some fractals. We also don't know if they are releasing the appearances all at once or spacing them out, like how they did with the gen 2 legendaries. Verdarach being released in Living World Episode 3, etc. From the post: Finishing the story journal in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will unlock the ability to learn to craft all of this generation’s precursors. Which leads to further questions on if that really will be the case that the next living world episodes may be based on each dragon. Until then, all of this is still speculation because again, all we got is a skritt shinies! post. Without further information upon how they plan on having the legendary sold on the TP with the appearances, I'd rather hold off on judging if it's disappointing or not until I get more than a 'look new shinies' post on the news feed. I have a strong feeling that only the foolish will be selling their things early on in the expansion, hoping to make a quick buck. Anet will get a boost in revenue which will make the shareholder/investor dingbats happy as they don't care where the money comes from a release just as long as it makes money. And probably a majority (myself included) will be sitting there playing fashion wars in the wardrobe at the bank to see what goes well with what. If I'm gonna invest into a time sink, I'm making kitten sure that at the end I have the skins to make me look good.
  4. Early access can help indie devs. So I don't like poopooing all over it just because EA always screws everything up. I mean, look at Phasmaphobia. That game is in early access and honestly would not have gotten to the position it is now if it didn't garner the funds to be able to expand. The dev was solo and planned on doing everything himself but those pre-order/early access sales gave him access to funds he didn't have. Now they have not only expanded into a team of devs, they've been able to focus on issues the original dev was holding off on like upgrading textures as that was a low priority. Then you have the dev of Summer of '58 who QUIT. They delivered a completed game and people played all the way through and then returned it because of Steam's refund window. It was rated very positive and because people took the money from the dev by refunding, they effectively made it so that this dev could not continue on with the next complete part of the game and it broke their spirit. There are those that abuse early access. 7 Days to Die being the forefront in my mind because they could release the game out of early access right now as a complete game, however it's not what they 'invisioned' yet or some kitten. Even then, you have devs that use early access as a beta build for testing to deliver a completed game. The Subnautica series is an example of this. They used that early access window to be able to iron out issues as they can only test out so much themselves. You gonna tell me that devs would have thought, oh lets see what happens if we use X item like this, like some of us insane 'poke the bear, see what happens' do? Valheim is another example with people making ski jumps to see how far they can launch the boat. Or the whole insanity players have done with the harpoon and building. Lord the freaking buildings..... Honestly, the main issue for incomplete games that you are understandably upset about is the shareholders/investors. They are to blame. They are the reason we get incomplete games at release now. They are the ones instating the unbearable timelines, 60+ hour work weeks, and causing the same cookie cutter insert COD/MOH clone xxxxxx because they do not want quality, they want results that earn them money. If that game doesn't give the result they want (like NEO: The World Ends With You) than welp there goes the devs chances of expanding that franchise unless the can get one of those suits on their side. That is also one of the reasons so many games from Steam made from indie developers have been ported (Stardew Valley, Terraria, Undertale, etc) to nearly every console or mobile. It was because of early backers, people who paid to have early access. They had fans supporting them and showing they are interested. They didn't have that someone breathing down their neck saying 'get it done in this time, leave the rest for post production' when they are trying to figure out why the face frame is collapsing and leaving just teeth and eyeballs, stressing them out even more.
  5. Mostly solo player and I'd actually have been miffed if the driver had access to the cannons! Talk about OP bs and trying to get a tag in to a bounty or something. I imagine this is their compromise to such a thing as if the driver had access to the cannons, it'd have to be nerfed to the point of uselessness. I always considered the turtle to be a WvW mount anyhow where you are already running with a squad anyhow. Overall, we will find out next week how the turtle plays out and how it functions (linking sauce below that states that yes, we get to play with turtles starting the 30th) accordingly. First paragraph states that all elite specs + turtle will be available to play from the 30th to the 4th. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/the-fourth-beta-preview-event-arrives-next-week/
  6. Someone has never played World of Warcraft. I still remember the dread of having my gearscore checked in a public lfg. Or anytime I pugged a raid of waiting for a kick every time someone said BRB after a loot roll because I was certain they were checking the armory to look at my gear. When I came to Gw2, I avoided fractals because my gear wasn't ascended and figured I'd be kicked for not having all ascended gear. I told the first guild I joined that I wouldn't be able to do their runs for a while because I was a new player and didn't have the required gear. To find out the truth was refreshing.
  7. @Pheex.8932 Add onto your post that there are no off hand options if you can. I settled on going for a shield after looking at the skins and do sword and board leveling on my guardian with the bonus boon and it was not available at all. Engineers got shafted as it just offers pistol and rifle apparently.
  8. IT IS ONE PER ACCOUNT. THERE IS NO OFFHAND OPTION. Honestly, I find that really really underhanded to release these in this state as there are some classes that don't have that many mainhand options. I hopped onto my guardian because I was like 'Oh I could get the shield and do a sword and board.' Yep, nope. All I have available are mainhand, staff, greatsword and hammer. Now I can't even get a different box because of this. Welcome to Tyria, my kitten. Very very poorly executed and judging from the other posts popping up about this, I'm not the only one miffed about this.
  9. I'm not quite following what you are asking. Boons are general to prevent the clogging up and being able to ID what you've been hit with. It's a good system. I don't believe in fixing something that isn't broken by added more things and then having to retailer the whole system all over again to rebalance it out. Are you more thinking about traits like Vampiric Presence? Cause that's where your 'unique boons' are. They are traits people spec into in their builds. There's even unique in the masteries like Noblesse Oblige, Bolster Allies, Spectral Aid, and others that can effect just you or others around you. Overall, I think the amount of different food, sharpening stones, runes, sigils, and gear specs more or less cover up the need of more boons added to the game.
  10. Skyscale a grind? A GRIND? Naw, the Nascent Indrik mount in ESO is an actual bonafide grind that isn't luck of the RNG like WoW's mounts. You have to wait an ENTIRE YEAR to get this mount because it's tied to getting items from all the seasonal events. So let's put that in perspective here. Skyscale takes 3 days + 8 hours. That not just numbers I'm pulling out of my behind either. That's from the wiki. That's it's current formula. Now if you want a grind, let's do this with the Indrik formula and create a real grind. You would need: An account bound item from Lunar New Year Festival that will probably use the new celestial tokens. An account bound item from Super Adventure Box that would probably use baubles and gold An account bound item from Dragon Bash that will probably make a new account bound currency to work for this. An account bound item from Festival of the Four Winds and like Dragon Bash, prolly be a new currency to work. An account bound item from Halloween. An account bound item from Wintersday. Then, THEN would you be able to get the skyscale as now you have all the items, you would use a recipe to combine them all into something like Gift of the Skyscale, which you would then toss into the mystic toilet with Gift of the Rider (cause duh it's a mount), 250 Mistborn Motes and 250 Globs of Ectoplasm. There's your Skyscale. There's your real grind that isn't 3 days long. Overall, reading this and your subsequent replies to everyone. We get it. You want it and you want it now, Veruca Salt. However it is a THREE DAY GRIND. You posted this Tuesday. It is Friday. In this time frame, you could have gotten the mount by now?
  11. But....there is an option? Under options, dynamic Hud. Hit up the party drop down. I have mine set to show only outside of combat. There is an option to set it as 'Never Show' Here's a screenie to show where it's hidden https://imgur.com/eMPRvc3
  12. Not an option on the poll. As long as you give me the option to turn duel invites OFF, go for it. That's all I ask.
  13. Anet might as well just give me a kitten fishing hat cosmetic already!🐟 Waiting for meta? Fish. Waiting for bounty I need to pop on the board? Fish.
  14. I hear your complaints about this though I feel like this whole event thing was worded poorly. This isn't a beta test, it's a data collection wrapped up as a preview. See what specs are coming in, get a slight feel for how it works, etc while anet gets all this data to fiddle with. If I'm going for data collection, it'd be a poor test line for all beta characters to be decked out in legendaries when some of us don't have them. I don't have any legendaries and still got a feel for the 3 elites (passing on them, waiting for the next batch because I don't like the play style) and prolly gave anet some good data as I'm not some min/maxer that has to dial it in. Overall I'm treating this as it feels. This was basically a way for them to test out the elites and see if they can cut down on nerf/buff patches and get the complaints of each one in so they can play with the dial better. From my standpoint, I honestly see some of the skills being changed, nerfed, buffed or dropped before the expacs release. It made me feel like they want to fine tune these elites before expac to try and avoid problems.
  15. I beg to differ as that just means you are doing the one thing I hated trying to RP a shadow priest in WoW. 'THIS IS HOW IT IS AND THAT IS HOW IT WILL STAY'. The whole 'don't have surnames' falls flat the moment we remember one key character in sylvari. Ceara or Scarlet Briar. Briar can arguably be considered a surname as what do most people call her? Scarlet. Anet themselves broke that naming convention and showed that while most don't have surnames when a Sylvari is born, they can toss aside that name and choose something else. Just as they have the Soundless and as you mentioned Malyck. My asura tend to have a surname. Why? Because one is an arrogant little rat and watching the other races interact she decided she NEEDED a surname to set her apart from the other asura to these 'plebians' because they always seemed to look at her and go 'oh another asura'. The other one has a surname because his dad was the one that named him....after himself. So now there were two male Asura with the same name and he got tired of his father profiting off his genius and started putting a surname on all his research so his dad couldn't claim it anymore. He did it out of frustration of having no surname. I also have asura that have no surname. Raspulaton. He's a necromancer. His mother named him that from the raspy breathing he had after being born. She was going to just name him Rasp but thought about it, felt it didn't feel 'grand enough' for this tiny prodigy that was showing such fire despite struggling to breathe and looked around. She saw a scoopula and a book that was flipped to the page about the Uzotron 7000. Eureka. RASP, scoopULA, uzoTRON! Then she scrunched her ears and went RASPULATRON? He sounds like a golem...let's drop the R and call him Raspulaton. He takes great pride in his name despite the jokes of the other races going 'so your mom just looked around the lab and named you what she saw and the fact that your breathing was raspy?' Lore is like pirate code. They are more like guildlines. You don't have to follow them to a tee. There is room to expand on it while staying close to the source.
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