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[BUG] Tome of courage with indomitable courage still doens't STUN BREAKS in wvw (20180109 update)


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In wvw, the tome of courage(ToC) with indomitable courage still doens't work since pof launch.(img: https://imgur.com/9171qBV, https://imgur.com/gCKOtt4)

In open field and spvp, ToC does stun breaks whenever you activate the skill as the indomitable courage trait says.(img: https://imgur.com/RoVQmQD)

This issue has been known since pof launch and it still out of patch notes and no one takes a look at this issue.

Also the funny thing is ToC shows stun breaks before you close the tome.(img: https://imgur.com/XqYYXtx)

Whoever does bug fix, please take care of this issue and fix this bug. It has been left for almost 5 months.

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Here are some images and a story I have about the bug:

Example of ToC + Indomitable working properly in pvp: https://imgur.com/Ct26JzFNote: I am getting CCed by the dodge golem here. It is plainly obvious that ToC is still usable whilst I'm being knocked back meaning that I could use it to break the stun.

Example of ToC + Indomitable NOT working properly in wvw: https://imgur.com/xoOZl6XNote: I am getting CCed by a forest boar. You can see despite the same trait setup, ToC is NOT usable and the tooltip also doesn't list the stunbreak like it does in pvp.

I got so fed up with this bug back in December, that I submitted a detailed ticket on this issue. Two different GMs ended up communicating with me and claiming to have passed the issue on to relevant devs for fixing. I really can not possibly imagine why this bug hasn't been fixed yet. There is no way in hell I'll believe that this bug is hard enough to fix that it would require more than 3-7 days of work from a single intern. This is just another example of pure neglect simply due to the fact that a good majority of Firebrands don't use the virtues traitline in any game mode.

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