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  1. Couldn't the shattered aegis problem very easily be solved by giving it a 1 or 2s icd?
  2. I know Anet will do whatever it is that they will do, but I just wanted to put some fun ideas/suggestions out there since everyone has already mentioned what feels bad/off at this point. I suggest these changes with PvP/WvW in mind, but I think any player in any game mode could enjoy these. I think any number of the following suggestions would be welcome improvements and maybe even fun: I think using one willbender virtue canceling out any other current active ones is a good idea, but the duration of the willbender virtue should be longer, say 8 seconds, and then have the GM tr
  3. Pretty sure it's supposed to function like Full Counter, but currently it seems bugged. Sometimes, attacks don't trigger the heal, and if you get CCed, you lose the charge, it goes on cooldown, you fail to heal, AND you get CCed. This skill also does not synergize well with on-heal traits or effects. They only go into effect if you channel the 1 second absorb, then fail to absorb an attack during that 1s.
  4. I think this is a bug, but hard agree. I think the heal skill was supposed to function like full counter, meaning no matter what you get hit with - the attack is absorbed, and you suffer none of its effects. That means no conditions applied, no damage taken, no CC inflicted. Right now the heal is bugged on several levels. It doesn't synergize with certain on-heal traits, there are several attacks that can hit you during the heal channel and NOT proc the 4.2k heal, and then the issue with the CC thing like you said.
  5. Played about 2 hours of this thing in pvp, and 1 hour in open world. Here's some feedback: What I liked: Overall, I see what you're going for, ANet. Specs has very beautiful animations and has a nice theme going. Conceptually very nice spec, and I love how I think it's supposed to work. Sword 5, F2, and the bottom/third master-tier trait are by far the biggest stars of the show here. There's a LOT wrong though, and some of these things may be bugs: SO much animation lock. F1 and Flash Combo are by far the worst offenders. These skills are terrible and really ne
  6. The T2 and T3 burst lacking in Spellbreaker is not equivalent to give and take of stats. As for the -300 toughness on Berserker: yea, just like with the WB adept traits, I'm not okay with this either? Unfortunately, Anet disagrees. Unavoidable trade off traits are just a thing we have to adapt to.
  7. The trade off is that by picking one traitline, you can't pick another traitline.
  8. @Arken.3725 Yo! I listened to your hour n a half vod there. This is a pretty good analysis. I agree with your ratings of each of the utilities and skills. Only two disagreements I have: 1. I feel like the only reason Deathless Courage is going to be is good as it will be, is that glass canon WBs are going to be able to lay out some serious hurt and get away with it thanks to this trait. I'd give it a grade of B+. Solid, extremely useful for some builds (and likely useful for what will be the meta WB build), but the other two GMs offer very stiff competition. 2. I think Roiling Ligh
  9. Hey Lonami, just read through your post, and I think you have wonderful ideas. I wanted to address this point here: So I've mentioned this idea before, but I think an absolutely great way to add weapon variety into the game with this new expac would be to: Add in 1-3 entirely new weapon types. Almost every new elite spec would be getting one of theseAdditionally, make underwater weapons amphibious and let one or both of them be available for core classes.So with this, the expac would bring 2-3 new weapons for everyone. Second point there could be accomplished through narrative quite easily i
  10. This absolutely. I'll clarify though: No build should be able to indefinitely bunker a 1v2 in the case that you have two dps/burst/non-bunkers fighting against you. As to how long someone should be able to hold off a 1v2 is another question, but it should not be indefinite, that's for sure.
  11. Sure, but if you compare LoW + smiter's boon before, to LoW + smiter's boon now, if things worked like you said, they should function identically. However, the way it functions now is that after casting LoW, there is a much longer delay between the end of the heal skill and smiter's boon proccing, so this almost seems like a bug actually. The only healing skill that smiter's boon SHOULD function differently for is Shelter - should proc after you finish channeling, which it didn't before but it does now.
  12. I'll expand off this since what otto said is true. For the dps-based guardian specs in pvp/wvw, they are actually in a pretty decent spot, but fall behind the top contenders for similar roles since they can't output quite as much as these other specs.... whether it's dps, burst, CC, boons, mobility, or evades. Our two primary dps-based builds, DH and core guard just fall behind builds/specs like holosmith, soulbeast, mirage and revenant (historically). I've given this a lot of thought and I honestly don't think the solution is to buff DH or core guard much more. It would be great if instead o
  13. This is a pretty terrible nerf. So not only has the Smiter's Boon trait been heavily devalued as a condi-cleanse, but it now is a far weaker offensive skill due to the enormous delay of the trait proccing after a heal skill. For example, if you use LoW, the delay between the end of LoW and Smiter's Boon proccing is significantly longer now than it was before. This is a bad change, and it should reverted ASAP. Literally no one asked for or wanted this nerf.
  14. Right, my mistake, should have read that a bit more slowly. I missed the rather unexpected transition from talking about new weapons to new classes, which I think Anet has made clear they don't want to make any more new ones, just new elite specs.
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