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UI size in UltraHD monitor


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I'm currently using UltraHD monitor with 3840x2160 resolution and even with "Larger" UI setup everything still is so small that I can't even read without narrowing my eyes or pitching my head to monitor...

Is Arena net going to do more scalable UI like in other games ? Or just still give us 3 or 4 predefined option...?

Of course I can change my screen resolution for game but everything looks crappy then ;/ Not mention that minimizing game bring troubles with resolution of for example Firefox which have then letter so small that you can't read it.. (I think its windows fail to not constantly changing Windows's UI size to 200% but still its because of gw2).

Maybe can I use something (program or something else) which will make this game UI larger ?

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@moonstarmac.4603 said:You can also change the font size through the chat box options. However, 4k is still poorly supported by anything that ties its UI to the resolution. I play at 1440p on my system, with UHD color turned on and the game still looks great. But I guess in the end it depends on how large your display is.

Unfortunately, small, medium, large don't really help text size very well. I tried them all and needed to set to a "pt" which does not appear to be offered. For instance, in other games, I can set my chat text to 12pt or 14pt or any sizse between .6pt or larger, but GW2 text sizes are not offering that type of setting for fonts. I do wish they would because if you have vision issues, sometimes a point size between small and medium or medium and large, works better.

Suggestion to the devs: enable text font in point sizes instead of only the generic small, medium, large.

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