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Bear Stance Bugged

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Tested this using plaguelands. Upon casting the skill Bear Stance, it will immediately remove four conditions, and then remove four more conditions per second for the next four seconds, for a total of 20 conditions removed during this duration. When Bear Stance is traited, it removes the same amount of conditions in the same exact manner as the untraited version. Therefore, traited bear stance does not remove any extra conditions over the untraited version. Feel free to test it yourself.As a reminder, this skill is supposed to remove only 2 conditions per second for 4 seconds while untraited, and then 2 conditions per second for 6 seconds when traited.

Let the following GIF serve as a demonstration:


Things to notice here:

  1. Upon casting Bear Stance, four conditions are removed.
  2. The next four seconds will remove another four conditions each second.
  3. Twenty conditions will be removed by this point.
  4. I have Bear Stance traited to last longer. It has an extra two seconds of duration, but removes no conditions at all during this extra duration.
  5. We can conclude that Bear Stance is bugged, twice.
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