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  1. Mr. Bastrii, Again you are making claims without understanding the game mode, that game mode being large scale, organized WvW fights. Everything in your post and everything in your prior posts is meaningless and bears no relation to how this specific aspect of the game mode is played. Stop trying to make arguments when you don't understand the very basics of large scale, organized WvW combat. Your focus on regeneration is meaningless. Yea it's a good boon and with Druid it's a 600-700 tick heal that they can easily maintain on 5-10 people in a squad. So what? Druid is still loaded with a plethora of other healing abilities so that they have virtually no downtime in healing. And with Druids giving either perma Alac or taking Lingering Light, they only need to wait 5-8 seconds to get back into CA mode. Let's go back to something you said in your previous post to prove that you do not understand the very basics of large scale, organized WvW combat. Here is where any WvW player who plays in organized groups will realize that you have no clue regarding anything you are talking about. The most basic element of large scale, organized WvW combat is that every player in a squad stays as close as possible to the commanders tag that way healing, boons, and other forms of support can be shared with as many people as possible. The fact that you have stated that these players spread out too far to make use of the Druids supportive abilities means that you have absolutely no idea how large scale, organized WvW combat takes place. Stop trying to argue with me when you don't even play the game mode. And by game mode I am not talking about WvW at large, I am talking specifically about large scale, organized WvW fights. If you had played even one time in a REAL organized fight group (one that uses discord for voice communication, organizes parties based on specific player roles, and has weekly runs) you would understand why what you said was entirely wrong. I cannot help you to understand this game mode if you refuse to play it then make baseless arguments. I will not respond to any of your further posts until you join a WvW fight guild, hop on their discord, and begin playing with them in large scale, organized fights. If you don't know where to look to find these guilds, you can message me directly and I can get you into many of them.
  2. Lazze is correct in his assessment of Untamed's performance in organized WvW squads. It is a melee locked spec and GS/Hammer is the only way to play it (in an organized squad). He is correct that its damage needs to be improved. There is also room to improve its boonstripping. Untamed is a bit underrated right now; most guilds think its F tier but its actually C tier and can put up comparable damage and strips to a Reaper with the right group composition. My own gameplay video demonstrates a basic way to play Untamed in squads. There are open comms so you all can hear how squads are commanded. The important numbers to watch on the charts are damage, downs contribution, strips, and downs out. Buffing hammer damage by 10-15% and adding an additional boonripping skill (say they reworked exploding spores to be similar to break enchantments) would put it in a much better spot. This is also true.
  3. Ok then. I am referring to Heal Druid in organized WvW groups (15-50 man groups) so we will break down your post from that perspective Druid provides Alac. No profession provides both alac and quickness in the same build so this is a non-issue. The only accepted sources of group quickness in WvW squads is either FB or Chrono and they do not compete for the spot that Druid fills. Druid is the best provider of alac in WvW because it is easy to give and permanently maintainble. The Druid's role (again as the healer/cleanser in a party) is not to give stability so this is a non-issue. Pets don't give stability either. Any profession that gives stability that is not a Firebrand or Chrono is only giving supplemental amounts. It's not seen as the main source of stability, though it always helps even if its just a small amount (which the Druid can give with glyph of the stars. Most organized groups don't take advantage of the smoke field from the Smokescale. Some do though and in general it's used as an opener (stealthing before combat). It doesn't matter if it doesn't make insane plays because the fact that Druid can access it is a net advantage for the Druid vs Tempests and Vindicators who cannot give stealth. It doesn't matter if Druid gives aegis or not, it's merely a small benefit to be able to give it even if it's just from one source. Regeneration is always 100% perma with ease. Prot may or may not be perma depending on the build, but being able to give it even with just 25% or 50% uptime is a net advantage. Fury is 50% uptime provided passively from a trait so there is no dumping of utilities. Vigor comes from Invigorating Bond and doesn't require a player to dump utilities either. Swiftness comes from Call of the Wild which is usually used before combat during the buffing/might stacking phase. It doesn't matter if the Druid can't give 100% uptime of X boon, the fact that they can give any of these boons is always a good thing. Players in organized WvW squads always stay on tag so they are within range of each others boons and support. This is WvW 101. The extreme basics. The boons that Druid gives generally have large radii from their skills so this is a non-issue. This is totally irrelevant for WvW. Support Druid/Heal Druid only has to choose between giving alacrity and having bigger heals. It doesn't matter if Druid cannot do damage because that is not their role. If a Druid chooses to give Alac then they do tradeoff bigger heals but a good Druid can still sustain over 10k healing/second in a long duration fight with the Alac trait so they're still out healing everything but a vindicator. Untamed doesn't have a place in organized WvW squads so that comparison is meaningless. The pet also dies leaving the Untamed bubble unusable. Druid has two great revive skills and good fight guilds take advantage of these skills to revive their downs and prevent the enemy from getting a kill. Group revive is a big deal and bad guilds don't take advantage of it. That's part of the reason why they lose against better fight guilds/groups. It doesn't matter that all these things Druid does can also be done by other professions. Druid does them all in one role, taking up just one party slot. That's why it's in the meta. That's why the best fight guilds in WvW run Druids and Vindicators. From your post, you genuinely don't understand the role Druid has in organized WvW groups and you don't understand how these fights take place and what the party compositions are of each subgroup. You can learn by going into WvW and looking for fight guilds to join who use voice communication and have a standardized team composition. Don't play with just one group/guild either, play with multiple so you get a variety of perspectives on team builds and roles.
  4. The OP was talking about how Heal Druid performs in WvW and even posted screenshots from WvW. This topic is about Heal Druid in organized WvW groups. SPvP is entirely different and I have no comment on Druids place there.
  5. Also saying Druid provides only pure healing is the most non-sensical, based take I've ever heard in my entire life in regard to anything ever. Druid provides group prot, regen, vigor, swiftness, might, fury, stability, ALAC (PERMANENT ALAC), resistance, water fields, projectile denial, group stun break, group revive, ranged immob, crowd control, super speed, stealth. It's a loaded spec right now. And yes it can provide all of that in one build.
  6. Christ almighty. Let me enlighten everybody here as to what the roles of FB, Druid, Tempest, Scrapper, and Vindi (heal) are in organized WvW squads. 1. Main stability + defensive boon provider. This is the role Firebrand fulfills. Tempests, Druids, Scrappers, and Vindicators cannot fulfill this role because they cannot provide enough group stability. They're all capable of providing defensive boons (protection mainly + regen + vigor + etc) but they cannot give the amount of group stability that a Firebrand provides. Also, a Firebrand is not purely a defensive boon bot but provides massive amounts of utility. Stuff like reflects/projectile denial, CC, Sanctuary, revive utility, pulls, group STUN BREAKS. And it does all of that on top of providing almost every boon in the game (group prot, stab, quickness (huge), swiftness, multiple aegis applications, resistance, might, vigor etc etc) Only a Boon Chrono (Chronomancer - Inspi/Chaos Chrono - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds) is an accepted alternative to Firebrand in this aspect because they can also provide many of the defensive boons that Firebrand can (most importantly Chrono can give tons of group stab, if it couldn't do that it would not replace Firebrand). It is technically possible for a Vindicator to provide permanent stability with Ventari/Jalis stance + Vassals of the Empire trait but nobody does this and no group would accept it anyway. 2. Primary healer/cleanser Druid, Tempest, Scrapper and Heal Vindi all compete for this spot. The main role of these professions is to heal teammates and cleanse their conditions. That is their primary purpose. If any of these professions couldn't do that they would not exist in this role. Their secondary function is to provide other forms of defensive support, like boons and projectile blocks and super speed etc etc. Each of these professions can provide stuff secondary to their healing and cleansing functions. I'm not going to list what each of these professions can do because that would be a long list. In general all 4 professions are pretty capable right now and you can't go wrong with any of them provided you can play them well, though you'll definitely want at least a couple Druids/Vindis per squad because they pump the most healing. Scrapper is also getting rebuffed again for the fifth time next patch ever since they got the big nerf so they'll be even more viable than before. It is technically possible to build a Firebrand towards a heal/cleanse role by trading off most of their stability for healing/cleansing skills but nobody does this and no squad would accept it anyway. Now, is Druid OP relative to the other three healer/cleanser professions? It kind of is because it can pump non-sensical amounts of healing/cleansing with outstanding boon support, but 90% of Druid players aren't good enough to play it anywhere near an OP level. So it doesn't really matter if the Druid kit is overloaded because most Druids aren't good enough to take advantage of it. That's my take. Also a screenshot of ARCDPS means nothing those players you out cleansed could've died at the beginning of the fight for all we know.
  7. So, combat in WvW is not static and the number of players engaged in a battle can change quickly. In terms of the balance of pet survivability, pets are designed for small scale combat, 1v1 and 5v5 and the likes. It's rather easy to keeps your pets alive in a 1v1 provided you are efficient at pet swapping. 5v5's can be difficult, particularly if enemies are using condition damage. When you approach large scale numbers (20v20 and above) pets can die very quickly and often instantly, especially if you aren't using the Nature Magic traitiline to share defensive boons with your pet (think about Stability and how important it is in zergs). The honest answer is that there really isn't a balanced way to increase pet survivability in WvW. Let's say pets die too quickly in zergs, so Arenanet implements an 80% damage reduction to pets. Well, what about 1v1s now? What about 5v5s? The pet will never die in those situations, and it becomes imbalanced. The entire pet mechanic (and AI based mechanics for players at large) was never a good thing in a game with fast paced, dynamic combat. Hell, look at PvE; Arenanet basically made pets unkillable that way builds which relied on them could be reliable no matter the encounter. The only thing I could possibly think of to help pets survive in WvW is if Arenanet implemented a sort of scaling damage reduction feature. Something like once there are at least 10 enemies within a 600 radius of the pet, the pet gains 50% damage reduction and gains an additional 5% damage reduction for each additional enemy after the 10th to a maximum of 90% damage reduction. That way small scale is left unaffected and large scale gains pet survivability .
  8. Hi. Relic of the Monk still has an internal cooldown after the Nov 28th patch, which was supposed to remove its internal cooldown.
  9. Top tier take Archon. Reading your comments always brightens my day. -Love, Soldier
  10. Ok, first off, lol. Secondly, relic of antitoxin was not in the least bit useless. It was a competitive choice over relic of the monk. And, keep in mind, it's ICD is not global. It's per target. So when you cleanse an additional condition from an ally with the relic, only that ally has to wait 5 seconds before the relic will work on them again. For all other allies that were not affected by a condition cleanse, the relic will not be on cool down, and as such will cleanse an extra condition from them should you use a condition cleansing skill. This is what made it super powerful. Now, did that warrant doubling the cool down. Eh, personally I think 10 seconds is too harsh. Maybe 7-8 seconds would have been better balanced. For now, I will probably stick with monk relics more often than not.
  11. Invigorating Bond doesn't work on the Juvenile Siege Turtle F2. GW2 In - GIF - Imgur Gif demonstrates
  12. It's functionally a block that then converts the projectile to healing. This is also how reflects work. They are blocks that send the projectile back to the caster. With the amount of anti-projectile skills that have been added to the game since launch, there need to be ways to counter them. Virtuoso happens to be one of, if not the best ranged spikers in WvW and PvP right now. They have a very easy to access source of unlockability that happens to synergize very well with Bladesong Harmony. So in that regard they may seem a little oppressive with how frequently they can spike hard with unlockable projectiles. But that's not an issue with unlockable skills at large, just one with a profession that might be.overperformimg.
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