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  1. WvW Perspective: Please please give Forest's Fortification a much shorter cooldown. You designed Untamed to be a melee bruiser spec with the inclusion of Hammer but it doesn't have enough tools to make it acceptable. Forest's Fortification is literally worse than Dolyak Stance (a Soulbeast non elite skill) because it has a NINETY second cooldown and SIX second duration. Seriously? The fact that it reduces its recharge by one second per target struck is only helpful in those rare cases where you are attacking a mob, which doesn't happen as often in WvW as in PvE. Please give Forest'
  2. I assume this a bug because every other projectile attack in the game tracks moving targets. https://imgur.com/gallery/TMnbObG Clearly we can see that the projectile does not track moving targets, giving it nearly a 100% miss rate.
  3. Yes the Juvenile Siege Turtle cannot hit a moving target. https://imgur.com/gallery/TMnbObG Why does arenanet never learn from the their mistakes? Slow projectiles never hit a moving target, and projectiles that don't track their targets also always miss. So here we have two issues that possibly make the siege turtle auto the most inconsistent projectile in the game.
  4. The Juvenile Siege Turtle skill, Jade Cannon, does not track foes with its projectile. Instead, it shoots its projectile at where the foe was when the animation began. Because the Jade Cannon skill has a 1 second cast time, it will almost always fail to hit a moving target. So to simplify, Juvenile Siege Turtle begins casting Jade Cannon. After one second, the turtle fires the Jade Cannon at where its target was one second earlier, regardless of whether or not the target has moved. If all projectiles in the game behaved this way, they would all be entirely useless against moving ta
  5. Untamed will not be WvW viable because of the reliance on the pet. The Ranger pet has been unviable in zergs since launch because pets almost always immediately die during the first fight between zergs. Arenanet has never addressed the fundamental issue of pets being unviable in WvW zergs, possibly out of fear of making the pet imbalanced in small scale play. Pet used to die to AoE and large fights in PvE all the time. Arenanet gave pets 95% damage reduction to most AoE forms of damage in PvE to address this. This damage reduction was not extended to pets in WvW where it
  6. Currently, the most preferred support characters are Firebrand and Scrapper in organized comps. Firebrand has been the backbone of comps since its release due to its abundance of stability as well as the application of other defensive boons in addition to its moderate healing and cleanse potential. Scrapper has been meta as the premier healer and cleanser in comps since the med kit was reworked, and has in addition to its extreme healing and cleansing abilities some invaluable utility in the form of group stealth and superspeed. Druid is capable of outputting strong burst and susta
  7. It's at most balanced for a 1v1. Once you add another player to the encounter, especially if they're running condi, the pet just melts. It's an issue that's been getting worse as the game has been gradually powercreeped, but ironically was overlooked due to the ability of the Druid to heal the pet and of the Soulbeast to revive it for free every 10 seconds. Pets at their core are weaker now than they've ever been, and this issue is glaring with the Untamed who doesn't provide the pet with any extra sustain.
  8. I suspect this too, and the boonrip potential is decent at 8 boons every 15 seconds on paper when combined with Untameds other sources of boonrip. But some of that boonrip is tied into the F2 skill, which is tied into pets, which always die in zergs. Talking on pure hypotheticals here, if the pet was somehow unable to die in zergs, and could function as effectively in zergs as a 1v1 encounter, Untamed might be a separate option over Immobbeast for its ability to combine boonrips with immobs and damage. But seeing as in any zerg vs zerg fight the pet almost always dies immediately,
  9. Harmonic Cry isn't healing for its full amount (6520 per the tooltip) when you use it in Unleashed Mode and its recharge, which should be 32 when traited, is actually 36. https://imgur.com/gallery/egx6MrH Blinding Outburst doesn't show its damage increase in the tooltip of ambush nor Venomous Outburst.
  10. In terms of Organized Squads and Zerging in WvW: This spec will still be dead on release for anything larger than small fights (so anything above 5v5 really) because of the same issues the pet has had since launch. The pet will die instantly in zergs, the new f1-3 skills will not function when the pet is dead, pet swap is increased to 60/48 seconds when swapping out a dead pet. Case in point, my pet Smokescale and Drake died relatively quickly vs a single Celestial Weaver. About two minutes into the duel I reached the point where they both died before the pet swap had fully rec
  11. Untamed genuinely feels more skillful to play properly as keeping track of what effects/skills you want for the given moment can be greatly rewarding and more challenging than any other Ranger spec so far. Addressing everyone else here, Elementalist is more or less the high water mark of how complex a class can be with the number of abilities it must juggle and Untamed comes close but doesn't quite reach that level of complexity, so to say that it's too difficult to learn would not be a viable excuse in the eyes of the developers who have already added classes that are more difficu
  12. Untamed Unleash Mode only has a 1 second recharge now which makes it trivially easy to swap in and out and trigger which effects of the hammer skills you want for the current situation. It took me a few hours to get used to it but that's just what it is, you have to get good with the spec. And once you do, you can do pretty cool things like stripping stab with unleashed hammer #3, knocking them down with non-unleashed hammer #5, then switching back to unleashed hammer #4 for big dmg.
  13. WvW Perspective Feedback: Unleashed Ambush skills get cancelled if you click your number 1 skill after they have been activated. I think the ambush skills should not get overwritten by an autoattack because in the middle of battle you are often clicking a single skill multiple times to make sure it activates. Forest's Fortification still needs a shorter recharge time in WvW, 60 seconds would be a fair number. Venomous Outburst, Rending Vines, and Enveloping Haze should apply their conditions unconditionally. It's too difficult to try and ensure someone is CC
  14. You are addressing the wrong argument. I said nothing about the combat effectiveness of the Untamed and its CC potential in neither WvW nor PvP. I compared the total CC potential between Druid and Untamed in PvE, which was the only thing in the discussion because you claimed that the Untamed has less CC than the Druid, which is demonstratively wrong. Is the form of CC brought by the Untamed less effective in WvW than the Druid? I don't know, and it has nothing to do with my post. Straw man - Wikipedia
  15. No, this is flat out wrong. Untamed has the highest CC potential in PvE out of all classes/specializations period. Untamed Extreme CC and Recharge Reduction in PvE; Demonstrative Video - Ranger - Guild Wars 2 Forums That video was taken in the last beta event (I forgot to activate the breakbar on the Golem, stupidly). The frequency at which I am activating CC skills against the golem is absurd, and no class/build comes even close. I'm not saying this makes Untamed good or bad or special, but I see people often repeating that Druid has more CC than the Unta
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