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Current Firebrand bugs @Irenio CalmonHuang.2048


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When using the Radiance trait line - the minor adept trait Justice is Blind - does not function completely with Tome of Justice.

No enemy is blinded when activating the Tome. The Guardian only gains Light Aura.

Mantra of Truth - the charge recharge time for this trait is incorrectly set at 15 seconds, this can be verified by counting or by using it simultaneously with Mantra of Liberation to see the same recharge, or with any of the other utility Mantras to see it recharge slower.

When traited with Weighty Terms - Mantra of Truth is only reduced to 12s, the same as Liberation (when it should actually be down to 9.5s)

Any others you've noticed? Please reply.

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EVERY Mantra is literally bugged.When I used a charge and it is recharging and it recharged any percentage, and you use the mantra again, it goes on full cd, instead of continuing with the last loading cd.Sometimes the counter shows 3 loadings, but the picture shows the final charge and goes instantly on full cd when used.Some mantras has a higher loading cd than they should (15s instead of 12).There is no intention to fix though.

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