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Spend some time to make the MMR to:.. Spend some time to change the PVP to:..

Yukio blaster.9082

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Spend some time to make the MMR to:

  1. Consider build's and remove the possibility to swap in game so they don't messed up the MMR .
    • FB>core gard or DH
    • scourge>reaper or core necro
    • druid with healing amulet>druid with power amulet
  2. A good balance would make pvp a lot more pleasant.
    • Condi mirage reduce the damage by 1/3, and make axe 2 to be more a mobility skill and add more range for axe 3 .
    • Scourge reduce the corruption ability's by 2/3 .
    • Firebrand reduce the stability by 2/3 and self heal by 1/3.
    • Druid remove the ability to swap pets if the actual pet is dead or the druid is in combat and druid should play without a pet if the pet is dead until he get out of combat , this will force the bunker druid to get off node if the pet is dead and will change the meta to some other pets with low damage and more survivability.
    • Core Thief reduce the damage of the unblockable by 1/3 .
  3. The games should be :
    • Bronze can play with all bronze (the farming community and bots ).
    • Silver 1 and 2 with the range of 200(low silver 1 can play against high silver 2).
    • Silver 3 with gold 1 the same range 200 (low silver 3 can play against high gold 1).
    • Gold 2 and gold 3 again same range 200 (low gold 2 can play against high gold 3)
    • Plat 1 should play with only plat 1
    • Pat 2 should only play with plat 2
    • Plat 3 and a legendary are considered the same (plat 3 with a rating of 1701 can face a legendary with a rating of 2099) no plat 2 in those games .

      If this is made i'm sure the games gonna be amazing if no lag or dc, and yes this would make the Q time a bit longer depends on the number of players available, for off season the Q time gonna be a lot more .

      Spend some time to change the PVP to:

  4. Make a permanent rating for more than250 games, reset the games count for everyone and keep the seasonal rating until the vast majority of the PVP community get to the demanded games then remove the seasonal ranking games and make it permanent and reduce the gold rewords by 1/3 then remove the duo Q possibility for plat1 (gold 3 can still duo q).
  5. Add a GvG rating in (unranked) 5v5 10v10 15v15 to be something like this (top 25 guilds in 5v5 are : .... top 25 guilds in 10v10 are : )it's guild wars after all.
  6. Add a death match 50 player+ big map that minimise overtime (for fun unranked) the maps are the wvw homelands no need for new maps at the start.---make this for short period of time 1 day per week or in the weekends .
  7. Add 2v2 tournaments and add a guild vs guild monthly 15 vs 15(last weekend every month) .
  8. Add tournaments notice in the screen if you are in the PVP lobby 15min before it starts( a lot of pvpers miss the tournament because there is no notice about it) .

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