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Hybrid Plasma Weaver for Raiding


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I'm pretty sure this is gonna be the ideal Hybrid Plasma Weaver build for raids so I'm sharing so we can all test it out! Partly based off a couple of builds I've seen on reddit and here in the forums but tweaked to the best of my ability to min/max every single damaging stat.


This build hits 100% burn duration while running only one viper ring and the rest full grievers with the help of traits, runes, and sigils of course. The numbers on condition duration and condition damage aren't accurate though as this site is not applying the bonus from Weaver's Prowess. The trait selection lets you deal out a ridiculous amount of hybrid damage and by running dual daggers instead of mainhand sword, you can spike out a ton of burning and gigantic Fire Grabs. You can also run offhand focus if you need the more reliable CC's. The utilities all help to supplement your damage even more and fiery greatsword melts stationary targets. The Aquatic Stance heal is optional but it does let you do some aoe heal for your group which can help a bit. Arcane Brilliance can work just fine too especially in conjunction with water fields.

I predict the best opening rotation is probably gonna be(Would be a bit different with alacrity):

Air AttunementGlyph of Storms>Switch to Fire midcastDrake's BreathPlasma Burst>Single Attune to fire midcast>Primordial Stance as soon as you single attune to fireRing of FireFire GrabBurning SpeedDrake's Breath> Switch to Earth midcast>Primordial Stance again as soon as it is off cooldownEarth Auto Attack 3x>Switch back to fire as soon as it is off cooldownDrake's BreathChurning Earth>Single attune Fire midcastRing of FireBurning SpeedDrake's Breath>Switch to Air midcastFiery GreatswordFiery EruptionSingle attune air when it is off cooldownFirestormFiery RushAir auto attack>Switch to fire as soon as it is off cooldownRepeat rotation after that with some slight changes based on cd's

Or something like that. This rotation lets you get out all the biggest hits though while giving you perma 20% bonus condition duration and an occassional 10% damage boost on single attunements. While it is pretty long and a bit complex, it is pretty rewarding when you think about all the damage you can pump out plus you don't have to just camp fire anymore although you do want to weave into it regularly.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm not an expert when it comes making raiding builds or calculating DPS but this build looks pretty good in theory.

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I've proposed a similar build here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/757/pve-plasma-weaver

Im looking forward to test if dagger will have better dps on a raid scenario than sword for a hybrid build.I think dagger wins on a pure fire build (and tempest is better for that) but I think the dmg and burning application of sword might be better in the end.If you go air/fire/weaver I think you get more dmg bonus and the sword have a fire field on fire#2 and a lingering burn application on fire/air, and also a big hit on fire#3, so it could come out better than dagger for a hybrid dps build.

So much to test!Need to check how to get those griever trinkets!

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Yeah I actually got the idea for this build from you and some other dude on reddit! Just kinda mixed the ideas for both into this one. I'm not sure if Sword will outdps dagger though. I'm pretty certain the 4 second Drake's breath cd will probably make the difference as it does great damage and applies a ton of burning and on such a short cd too!

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