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Discrepancy between Tome of Courage (Firebrand) and Shield of Courage (Dragonhunter)

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When traiting for Indomitable courage, Dragonhunter's f3, Shield of Courage (SoC) and Firebrand's Tome of Courage (ToC) seem to function a bit differently which I believe is unintended.

SoC will break stun and grant stability and related boons immediately, then proceed with the 0.25s cast time.

ToC breaks stun, but then player must wait the 0.25s cast time before gaining stability/related boons.

Why this is a bug/unintended:

  • SoC actually used to function exactly like ToC functions now.
  • This was changed in a patch some time later (July 26th, 2016 patch) to grant the stunbreak and trait-related boons at the beginning (as soon as f3 is pressed) followed by 0.25s cast time before manifesting SoC.
  • Since both ToC and SoC function in a very similar manner, I believe the intention was for core-traits/mechanics to also affect these skills in the same way.

Therefor ToC should receive stability/trait-related boons at the beginning of the cast followed by the 0.25s cast time before gaining access to the tome skills.

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