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Power Mesmer PvE - Questions


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I require some help on power Mesmer in PvE, if anyone can help:

  1. I am using Dueling, Illusions and Chrono. I was not sure if I should drop Illusions for Domination. Illusions seems overall better in PvE, unless you are using GS. I use sword.
  2. Phantasmal Force, Illusions grand master. I never see a buff on the bar for "phantasmal force" while I have it traited. I am not sure if I understand it correctly. You get 25% more damage if you have 25 might?
  3. Which deals more damage, the pistol or focus phantasm? I am leaning towards the focus, but not sure.
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Actually pistol is far better in almost all situations. The focus phantasm used to hit 12x cleaving attacks. Now, however, it throws a total of 12 single target axes. This means that if there are any other valid targets near your intended target, the actual damage dealt to the intended target will be cut drastically. If there's a lot of targets in the area (think slothasaur), your damage could be cut literally by a factor of 10.

Pistol deals slightly less damage if all shots from the focus phantasm hit your primary target, but on almost every encounter in the game, that won't be the case.

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