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  1. Any change will always come at an opportunity cost. Yes, the trait could have been used with some niche power builds for extra damage. However, it was always weaker than retribution. I think the benefit of the change out-ways the cost. I do however agree, there has been a movement of separation of most major traits to power - condi - support, to simplify balance. For the fun of making builds, this sucks. And it has been a balance trend of simplifying + homogenising classes/builds to make them easier to balance. All this is coming it the cost of diversity.
  2. In pve this a positive change all round. It clears the second off hand for pistol, while maintaining torch functionality. I am not aware of condi builds that use the trait and not torch.
  3. I was going to type that. Quoted for emphasis. To be fair, it could be revived, but would need a massive level of rework that is beyond the current devs on both competence and time availability.
  4. Not sure how. I guess if DH is using Zerker, Scholar, had high number of might stacks and the target had 25 stacks of vulnerable. My experience (which again is limited as of late) with Zerker you could hit 5-6k with BGH and obviously while the target is tethered. It is an okayish nerf. Anet could have at least fixed deflecting shot.
  5. I have been out of the spvp loop for years, but this skill damage has been the same for 4 years. I am unsure what changed now that it requires a nerf by 15%. And from my experience (again like 10 games in last year or so) is that LB damage sucks. So I am unsure.
  6. I truly don’t understand what the kitten was Anet thinking with most of the FB changes, over the last 2 years. The issues could have been fixed via simple changes, instead of recreating the wheel. And they are making changes to it every patch. And the funny part, QFB, which presumably most changes we’re trying to target, is still performing at the same level. And spvp wise, 4 years in, since Feb 2020, and the spvp devs still cannot figure out how to make it work. Though, the current spvp devs are pretty bad.
  7. This is kinda of the heart of the issue. Not all builds have access to CC or would want to use CC in the start of the rotation. Some classes have no 30 sec CD elite utilities, and so they on. There is a reason why most of the proc type effects where “in combat” or “on attack.” I am still really annoyed they changed fire works 6th effect to some garbage. It was an easy way for many classes to obtain boons in OW. And there are a ton of other examples. It is to the point it seems the main goal of the update was to annoy players.
  8. Yes lol. Mediations. To be fair, I barely spvp anymore. But every time I do I feel disappointed.
  9. In PvE it is fine. Not the best dps output, but high burst and aoe. SPvP is a completely different story. Even with the recent buffs, playing DH as melee is highly questionable. In addition, DH has no tools to generate resolution, so a radiance combo is out of the picture. This leaves media trapper. It is still DH best option but LB is a joke. Skills 2 and 5 100% CD increase compared to PvE. Skill 3, between cast time and no damage, is almost obsolete. It just… does not work.
  10. PvP, it needs some of the nerfs undone. PvE, it could use a bit more damage on AA and skill 2. But it is primarily a support weapon (heal and CC) and it is does okay.
  11. Core trait line, probably not. I most definitely would love to see more core utilities and weapons.
  12. Mmm… this is a feedback regarding the new weapon. What the f*** is the feedback value of saying you don’t like guardian for beta weapon feedback?!
  13. I only played pve. I think the weapon is pretty good. The symbol is a bit out of place and skill 5 is a bit wonky, but overall good and fun. Also, feels distinct enough from MH/torch.
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