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  1. Power chrono, support chrono and condi mirage are decent in all instanced pve content. Open world everything is ok. Condi mirage is exceptionally good here. PvP… play another class.
  2. As much as higher difficulty seems good it is not. First, there is major difference between players with various skill levels. Due to the game’s design it factors significantly in the player damage output and ability to avoid. Not sure if this is a 100% accurate statement, but supposedly one of the devs mentioned that a highly skilled player could deal 10x more damage than a casual player. “But we can have various instances with various difficulties.” The issue with that is this segregates the player base too much. There probably would not be enough players to fill all the instance
  3. Guardian is pretty good in pve. My only complaint is I want core guardian to operate better. Mainly unscathed contender, which is nigh unreliable, and core virtues which are… pathetic. I am more concerned with WB. It is awfully redundant. And its selling point, mobility, is so poorly designed. And ya, LB and hammer a trash tier, But I gave up on them a long time ago. As for pvp, I no longer talk heresy. It is… unplayably bad.
  4. If you are an active player, buying it is no brainer. If you have been away from the game considering to come back, wait till it is out.
  5. S/S, ya, not great survivability. Though that did not change for years. GS though? You literally spam phantasms and GS2. You almost dont get hit. It is very easy and super effective in open world. And of course, by mesmer you mean Chrono. Cuz you know… mirage exists. Mirage with torment runes is probably the strongest solo open world build of any class. Even without torment runes, its survivability is pretty high.
  6. In PvE, most power dps builds, mostly go between fire and lightning. Condi between fire and earth, and you usually stay heavily in fire. It is really annoying when you have to use water to heal, as it screws the damage rotation. Otherwise, ele difficulty to play is similar to most classes.
  7. Personally, Virtuso is my favorite of the new elites so far. It has issues, but people forget that this is beta.
  8. Popular does not always mean best or most fun. Fun is subjective. Engi is not popular cuz it is not fun/appealing for many players. Rev came later in the game cycle, so less people switched to it. As for what to play, if you are playing pve (open world or group) all classes are fully viable. Stick to what you like.
  9. Deleting a character you Had for so long is not a well thought reaction, period. Even if I do not think I will ever play that game again. I will just keep if I might decide otherwise.
  10. I do not agree. Though in some situations Anet seems to start building around trade-offs before even knowing how something will perform.
  11. Sure, the projectiles need much better tracking and its sound is terrible. Though, I think hammer and LB are higher priority to fix over scepter. If Anet will do any fixing work (and what are the odds of that) I would prioritize things that are absolutely atrocious.
  12. I too think that some level of MH sword is needed. Skills 1&2 dont need change. Skill 3 though, is completely out of place. It does not fit at all with what WB is going for. If it is up to me, I would keep the symbol the same, but change it to a fire field from light field, which is more thematic. Skill 4 OH now becomes skill 3 MH. Skill 4 something between damage and utility. Skill 5 remains the same.
  13. So far fun. Took me a sec to get into, but cool. It definitely needs ironing out. I was afraid this will too similar to Weaver. It felt distinct enough.
  14. 9/21/21: Disappointing. The dodge lasts too long, I wish I could force myself down. Would be nice in pvp though. The dual utilities is a very bad idea. It would have been so much better if we get to choose. Is this the first rev elite without access to fury (unless I missed)? GS 2 does a lot of damage. I am for complex, but this felt complex for the sack of it. Ended being annoying and frustrating. I wanted fun. This aint it. Also, felt too slow for rev. 9/26/21: This is probably the worst of all new elites I played so far. It continues the tradition of experimental bull k
  15. @Ezrael.6859 I was addressing the physical utilities from thematically. I dont think they fit with the assassin theme at all. But ya… their performance was not great either.
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