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  1. I guarantee you that no guardian players likes this build. You know why people use it? Cuz every possible damage option was nerfed to the ground. You either play garbage troll, that only works for farming below Platinum, or don’t play guardian at all. Or don’t pvp which is where I am currently at 😑
  2. Both the summon that does good damage (forgot its name) and the elite does additional damage. Plus SB is pretty good for power. Personally, it is so much better in open world specially due to the summon.
  3. We had a dual handed ranged weapon and melee MH weapon. I am expecting the next weapon to be off hand. Warhorn is predominately for support and considering FB already fills in the support role, next patch will be probably be dps focused. I do t think off hand axe or mace. They are rarely used as off hand. Guardian is theme is light/honourable/noble so no dagger. That leaves pistol and sword. I am leaning more towards sword, but we could get a techy guardian. That would be interesting.
  4. What type of support is it? It does not provide enough might, alacrity or quickness. No stability. The healing allies is primarily not from it. It skills design and talent is primarily for power dps. If it supposed to work as support what it needs is not QoL improvements, not even redesign, but basically what the hell is it support to be.
  5. I use them, but the game did not need them. This is why we had teleport points to being with. Having 2 systems is... redundant. Having said that, yes, they make traversing bull shot easier
  6. Man I rarely land a 16k TS in full berserk gear... in pve. The avg TS critic in spvp barely scratches 4K.
  7. I want to remind Anet that Herald exists... it is not good in pve yet keep getting kittening nerfed cuz Anet is failing to balance renegade.
  8. Avoiding pvp discussions, warrior is the worst. The best is... not sure. I find rev and guardian to be pretty good with many options. Mesmer somewhat. I don’t play the medium pool HP classes, so not about them.
  9. I find it in open world condi FB, works best. It puts out good burning quickly.
  10. Not necessarily true. Nerfing something to be inline is not the same as nerfing to become unplayable. Take FB. Post Feb 2020 patch it was grossly OP. Anet some good adjustments, like increasing CD on axe 2. But then made changes that can only be explained by intentionally making FB unplayable, including nerfing all mantras to the point of being useless in spvp. Example, mantra of truth was oppressive with 4 secs duration of blindness, cripple and weakness. You would think the balance was to remove the weakness. Instead Anet reduced the duration to 1 sec rendering the skill obsolete. Same story
  11. It is. You cannot really cleave, since nothing does any damage. No matter how much CC you have 2-3 rezzers can only be countered by cleave damage, which does not exist. And yes, in competitive high, high ranking games, you would see a lot of coordinated rezzing. But unless you only play AT, vast majority of the games you play won’t have that. And unless the game is on semi equal footing, which is hardly the case, you will be CCes so much. I wish there is a way to accurately track it, but in the last few games I played, I was getting CCed about twice every 10 secs in combat. Even if this is som
  12. If there is a meta now it is CC. And ya... bunker too. As someone who rarely play spvp anymore, whenever I do now I regret it. I tell myself spvp is fun. Once I play 1-2 games, I realize it is not “is” but “was.” We want from 50 dimensions, fast paced chess to CC spam checkers.
  13. Sadly, this ship has sailed long time ago. Ya... pvp is crap. But even looking at the quality of most pve content, this year and last year, it is clear that Anet no longer has the willingness or expertise to manage the game. It seems that the loss of devs over the last 2-3 years has been detrimental to the game. And the new people lack competence. It is dead, just let it lay in piece. fyi, there where few polls ran in the spvp forums regarding the Feb 20 patch, including one with ~400 votes, indicating that the Feb patch had 60% disapproval.
  14. I think Andy keep forgetting that Rev does not = renegade.
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