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  1. PvE wise, every class has at least 1, if not 2 or 3 highly competitive builds. I dunno what the OP is smoking. PvP wise… ya… but that has been the case since the glorious PvP update 2 years ago. Absent massive PvP update on the same level, PvP will remain unbalanced and not remotely fun.
  2. Mesmer in PvP is terrible, as of 1/8/2022. the entire PvP balance is borked, plus there is a clear bias against mesmer from the current pvp dev leads (evident by some statements made in the past) and the new elite will not work well in PvP. PvE, it is good. It is not the best class, however, good enough in most roles.
  3. Yes, it plays identical to power herald, but far less effective. I do not think it is absolutely terrible, however, it has a long way to go before being competitive. And some of the issues are not necessarily WB specific, but guardian overall issues. @aelska.4609 in PvP guardian issues are mostly damage related. Survivability wise, it is okayish, if you know what you are doing.
  4. Well no. Druid has a dedicated role that it excels at, healing/buffing allies through unique damage buff and might stacking. What support does herald offer? Basic boons, without might stacking. Does it offer power damage? No. How about condi? Also no. I do not agree with the OP either, however, for pve, between core, herald and renegade, renegade has the best support, healing CC, power damage and condi damage. Even range. Anything outside of renegade in pve, does not exist.
  5. The change to torment buffed several condi builds damage output. I do not do fractals and raids, but fractals are no longer anti condi. In addition, as other noted, breaking bars now favors condi damage. Though, this is not a call for nerf, there are 3 builds that are currently controlling the meta, FB, scourge and renegade. All 3 excel in condi damage, however, it is not why they are used. Scourge has significant access to aoe barrier. FB has multiple way of providing aegis. With slight damage reduction can also provide 100% quickness. Renegade, similar to FB with alacrity and mig
  6. If there is a toggle that would be good. Personally, I really like it.
  7. Back in the good all days, pre the pvp rework and RI nerf, I and many others used to play GS the same way it is now, very successfully. The main difference between then and now is the damage out put. It was a high risk, but it had had strong reward. Even landing a portion of it was highly rewarding. The reward right now aint worth the risk. Not even remotely.
  8. They might, but I do not think it is going to be on a lesser level than HoT and PoF. To be fair, most classes already have most of the stuff they need. New elites were going to require much creativity. Based on GW2 dev teams run, over the past 2 years, I was expecting absolute kitten. However, so far what we got is decent. Anet definitely exceed my expectations. But somethings were a let down. Like warrior and necro. Harbinger seems a bit redundant. And BS seems out of place.
  9. I think it already surpassed herald in PvE. Once the dust settles (probably not at EoD release), it should become PvE power build in instanced PvE. OW will remain between herald and renegade. PvP, the over convoluted design + 1 one dodge + rev already semi existing limitation of energy and not choosing utilities, will not allow it to be competitive in PvP
  10. From pvp standpoint, WB is lacking ability to disengage, sustain and ability to reliably land damage (not an issue of it being blocked). I think the devs should focus on solving these issues first, before considering adding unblockable damage. And no unblockable CC. I know there is already some unblockable CC in the game, but that is bad balance design that should be phased out, not add more to it.
  11. I know Anet devs have been trying to do this concept of trade-offs on trait/function basis. This is extremely short sighted balance design. You have to consider the elite as a whole. What is its design objectives and what tools it needs to achieve them. Then you consider drawbacks if the tools the elite has access to are causing it to over perform. Trying to bake drawbacks, on trait or function basis, is design mess for both devs and players. On the other hand, no, WB does not need unblockables. Sure, they could be nice, but it is not going to solve any of WB issues. It will just end-u
  12. It works okay in PvE. In PvP it was okay when power guardian used to deal damage. Others suggested before buffing the damage and wither reducing the orbs damage, or removing them entirely.
  13. Some suggestions from beta 4: virtues, all 3, should not be a ground target. This is a mobile spec. It should not have any ground target effects (less symbols which we are stuck with). Justice now is decent. A slight reduction in cast time, when it goes for a long distance, and it will be great, plus not being a cone ground aoe. Resolve, instead of healing for a few hundred on hit, it should heal for 10% of damage dealt. More thematic and rewards playing aggressive. Courage needs more range. Again, no ground targeting. It is CD in PvP is ridiculously long. This aint DH shield or FB tom
  14. While I find Virtuso fun to play, it is surely lacking in the sustain department. I surely prefer it over chrono, but chrono has better sustain. Condi mirage is miles stronger than either in solo PvE. Virtuso is surely the weakest in PvP.
  15. Can I have power rev reality? After all, most of WB stuff is copy pasted from rev.
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