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Elite Specialization= Mragga


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I have some weird infatuation with The Ashford Ghost / Mragga from gw1.


Thought it would be cool to get a vampire type elite spec for revenant.

No energy pips,AA attacks recharge at 5e,50e is neutral49e to 0e increases % damage dealt and % damage taken exponentially, max 33%.51e to 100e reduces % damage dealt and % damage taken exponentially, max 33%.F5, life siphon a target to steal health and regain energy, 2sec cast, 15sec recharge, 1200 range.

Greatsword,≤50e 450 range oriented attacks50e< extended to 900 attack range

Hunger: Lash the ground in front of you in a line with dark energy striking upto 3 foes and applying vulnerability. Does minor damage. 3rd chain recharges life siphon by 1sec if it strikes a foe.Thirst: hex target for 5sec and while facing them, you gain superspeed and 1stab:1sec each second.Crave: hard strike foes in cone in front of you. Any foe struck consumes a hex from them and steals life from all targets.Untouchable: Slide backwards while hexing foes in front of you, leaving a horizontal ward at your previous location. Consume this hex if these foes cross this ward and steal life.Dark Empower: strip might and fury from yourself and allies while hexing them. Hexed allies gain 20% crit chance, 750 might, life steal (300-350 per target struck, max 500 per second) and are immune to the effects of fury, might, weakness and blind. Time channeled increases duration of hex (3-9 seconds).

Mragga Legendary skills,

Heal, Consume Power: Heal for 4000-5000 hp. Melee Attack foe with bite, consuming 2 boons and healing 1000-1500 per boon removed.

Vampires Haste: VERY rapidly move to target location. Breaks stun on cast and on arrival grants stealth. 35e, 900 range, 10sec CD.Fountain of Youth: allies in the fountains radius:240 have -100% duration to incoming conditions. 30e, 5sec recharge, 2second duration. Cast Range 600.Charm: hex 5sec, target foes next 3 attack strikes splash onto their own allies. 20e, 5sec recharge. 1500 cast range.

Mragga's Gaze: when you and foes are both in each other's facing, apply (stun:300 range, taunt:600 range, daze:900 range) to them. 25e, -5er, 30sec CD. 3sec icd/ foe.

Traitline,Adept, regeneration on you now instead steals health from 1 foe with 600 radius (uses highest healing power source), 3 if under 50e (max 300-500hp heal/sec, rev healing power scale).Adept, break target and become untargetable while casting life siphon.Adept, all revenant movement skills cost -5e if 10e or less in cost, -10e if 15e or more in cost.

Major, fountain of youth has a 100% increased duration.Major, while in stealth, you see other enemy players in stealth.Major, casting charm causes you to become untargetable by all except the foe, reduces hex duration to 2sec.

Grandmaster, while casting life siphon you become immune to condi/damage, increases recharge to 30sec.Grandmaster, when casting life siphon, you break stun and transfer (or remove with no target) 3 conditions to target, life siphon no longer requires a target to cast.Grandmaster, when casting life siphon, you now cast it on 5 targets within 600 range. Max healing 750-1000/sec (scales healing power).

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@Leap Of Faith.8263 said:I think i drooled a bit while reading and thinking about the concept! Good concept you got there


I've always wanted a good blood sucking vampire gameplay experience that could be somewhat competitive in average pvp/pve. If necromancer's dagger wasn't complete garbage it might be able to do it but it falls short. GW1 has blood magic/ curses for some decent life stealing but you lose all utility for an essentially selfish build. Skyrim and ESO are a joke for vampire centric blood suckers ;-(

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