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  1. also keep in mind that you can do this and just auto attack and it takes like 50 seconds to run out of energy.
  2. Don't let this guy fool you. Wvw totally isn't dead...
  3. I think a less drastic approach than making skills crit for 50 damage would have been better received. Lolgravitywell. MASSIVE DAMAGE 🙃
  4. Idk if its different/new but this happens on occasion. Give it a day and they might return.
  5. Yeah the tower and camp one are very good for smallscale. It would also be pretty cool if objectives further away from spawn gave better rewards or something.
  6. The game started as a PvP aka guild vs guild concept with a cheesy name, Guild Wars. The pve lore was created to make the title a little more cohesive. If it was first and foremost a pve game it would have been called something entirely different. The guild wars you are referring to literally plays almost zero effect in the story of prophecies. They had to shoehorn it in so the title made sense in some capacity. If they could have gone back they possibly would have named the originals, Tyria: Prophecies Tyria: Jade Wind Tyria: Nightfall
  7. It's been this way for a long time now. It's either facetanking or peekaboo runaway. When we actually had power damage that was threatening both of those could be punished. Not so much anymore.
  8. Uh it has everything to do with guilds fighting other guilds. That was the original focus of guild wars 1, a pvp game The story was added afterwards. The reason wvw is "dead" is the same reason spvp and all forms of pvp in gw1 are "dead". Anet stopped development on them to focus on pvers aka open world. Why? Because new people equals micro transactions. Why do you think every other week is gemstore tuesday? Why do you think gemstore skins keep getting fancier to the point of putting legendaries to shame? Wvw died around people but they still happily grinding the karma train rofl. Greatest pvp
  9. They should just remove stealth and give thieves same duration evade instead.
  10. I think the charr should apologize to the humans of ebonhawk for killing their ancestors and stealing their land. Then give the humans any branded territory since it is in relatively the same condition the charr had conquered it from the humans.
  11. I would care more about how it plays tbh or you will end up with a noob bait spec.
  12. oh lol yeah I was just thinking daredevils must be laughing at our dodge attack costing the endurance of 3 dodges. I didn't consider it on a dps comparison 😂
  13. I did report it. And yeah it is lol. An obvious symptom of what is to come.
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