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  1. Null Field nerfs again. Next update maybe they will reduce it from 5 targets to 3.
  2. For me it was when I would be playing a mix of land and underwater I would get the bug.
  3. I should specify wvw use, if landing it was a guarantee like on a downed player or a champ below 50% hp should I just spam it or does it lose out?
  4. Is there a scenario I can use geavedigger or is autoattack chain better?
  5. Made my legendary rune on non-soto account, sounds like I will get access to soto exclusive relics through legendary relic but nothing beyond that?
  6. If I am in a squad and the commander puts me in the "leftovers" party then I just play off tag and focus on myself.
  7. If the charge use doesn't have a cooldown it's going to be crazy fun I would I imagine.
  8. "Just be better than them to counter their build." It would be nice if that worked both ways...
  9. Its already hard to trade well against celestial so sacrificing stats to be more tanky to trade better is you also slotting celestial to trade better. And then we end up with 5 minute fights of people face tanking each other instead of learning how to play the game actively. The counter against celestial is typically boon removal. Guess what anet has spent the past year nerfing?
  10. Artificially increasing combat length doesn't make it good. 5 players beating on 2 for a couple minutes in open field is moronic. I didn't come here crying for nerfs either.
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