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  1. I manage to have fun in my own way. Got to be fun to have fun.
  2. eh, I see people say this but I do see a lot of 1/2/3 roaming.
  3. If you cant kill it, Troll it. Get good at underwater combat. Play a class with pull skills. Tap everything. Flip camps and sentries. Defend camps and sentries from the home server reflipping them. Defend enemy objectives from the other faction even if you cant flip it yourself. Mesmer is pretty good at this style of play. Pulls, stealth, teleports, interrupts and good at underwater combat.
  4. What's there to advertise? "We have slow turtle mounts and fishing!"
  5. Oh ok. I just stick to core myself for wvw and chrono ok in pve.
  6. Remember in guild wars 1 I wanted to play mesmer for conjure phantasm for a shade type summon. Imagine my disappointment when it was one of the worst hexes in the game for pve. I think you might enjoy playing some renegade. Darkrazor and Icerazor are hilariously strong compared to mesmer phantasms.
  7. But he got so many followers, he must be right.
  8. The wiki is edited and maintained by players like you. Make the edit and be prepared for it to be reverted by the recent change hounds.
  9. I think chrono wells by default having ending effects. Even for something like gravity well it "does massive damage" on its last pulse. 50 damage crits are "massive" in wvw/spvp apparently.
  10. They could change some of the bubbles to walls like wall of reflection and directionals like field of the mists. They wouldn't just be a cast and forget then if you were actively trying to stay protected by them.
  11. Nothing really stopping them from adding ascended jewelry beyond what is already in game. Or even legendary. I can't be the only one who likes certain pretty icons and quotes on my jewelry. And not every one is fond of the stupid floating balls.
  12. I don't want to be that guy but are you sure it isn't your isp?
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