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  1. That's because of how you define dead. Imagine a tree in winter where all its leaves have fallen and there is no sight of spring coming. You can call it alive but I wouldn't go starting a syrup business without some sign that spring will ever return. We've been in winter a long time in wvw. Many people just stopped investing into it seriously anymore. Without the confidence of the community the mode will erode more and more.
  2. Fire/frost/chaos/dark? : condition counters Shocking: stunbreaks and stability The rest idk and too lazy to look.
  3. Well let's just put it this way. Anet better pray another mmo doesn't come out with good combat and adequate pve/pvp. It's combat is its strong point so it would be wonderful if they stopped kittening on it. [Insert Camelot Unchained Joke]
  4. Spvp/wvw/dungeons/raids are effectively "dead". People still " play" them but its pretty shallow.
  5. Try luring them someplace they are not comfortable with. If you can force mistakes they will try to run, push them then.
  6. If you are playing sea or ocx just roam on the enemy borderland if your server is a ghost town.
  7. You do get participation for defending so long as you killed something. Same thing for failed defense and failed capture.
  8. Yeah I thought a stat point pool setup would have been the thing but implemented before hot. Break it down into categories forcing a spread of points across stuff like offense, defense and support. Would have helped take the edge off power builds and sustain bunkering in wvw.
  9. Hammer rev used to be able to fill that role. Too dumpster for that now.
  10. I was in shock when I read that note. That is an omega amount of stats being dumped into celestial. I thought for sure it would come with a stat trim note but nope. Roaming about to go hybrid damage facetank sustain mode?
  11. I play double mantra chrono and its like apharma said. You can blow up average glass players but its uphill vs anything else. Basically its a single target pug stomper. Deadly but at that point anything is deadly. Flavor of play is all you are getting in return for that high risk low reward scenario.
  12. Its a dirty tactic but it is a tactic. If its happening and is effective, people need to watch for it. Just like any tactic.
  13. Think these scenarios end up being nearest to center of aoe first. It certainly does not aoe strike. If you want aoe life steal from a sigil you will be looking at the interrupt one. One thing to note about the leeching sigil is that it lasts a LONG time. Like hours. If you are ending combat you can quick switch to the leeching sigil to proc it and then next fight you will start with free leech on first hit. I used to do this on my primary water weapon so when I would tag garrison I would jump into the water below and get a free 1k damage strike on next fight.
  14. Let us know how it goes.
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