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Need help with my build (pvp)


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Hi, I'd like your advice on a build i'm trying and improving recently. What I'm looking for is a tanky reaper build, in order to contest points (it doesn't matter if I don't have enough damage to kill anyone, as long as i can survive most of the time 1 vs 2 wasting their time). Here's what I'm running now:


Usually when someone with any standard reaper build gets in a fight, he starts with full health, take some damage, then uses reaper shroud and when it ends and go back to his normal health pool he's damaged! When i go back to health i don't want to be damaged, I want to cycle forever between lifeforce and health without losing "fuel", and in order to do that I need to regenerate lifeforce and health constantly.


-I'm not sure what to choose between unholy martyr (really helps against scourge and with lifeforce gen since i don't have soul reaping) and transfusion (that 10k healing on allies is nice), because I like both-Not sure about what rune to choose-Not sure about the effectiveness of signet of the locust, signet of undeath

Generally:-Against tanky enemies. they can't kill me and I usualyl have more damage (likely i can't kill bunkers but I have 25 stack of might running costantly with "Awaken the pain" so I reach around 2150 power and 50% crit chance, that should be good for a bruiser.-Can survive most bursts since the insane amount of HP and healing helps me recover.-Usually I die to 2 (not always) or 3 ppl, especially because of the insane amount of stuns/CCs of some classes.


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@"trixantea.1230" said:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNBhOD7kjGo2GsnGwmGgeTsgLYQDgAwBI+K2FDjTZhmQVA-jZRQABcfEA++iAAw+D1WGA9HAAA

A bit too glassy power build but it can be more practical than your build.You can swap blood magic/wells with curses, death or SR. just keep spite on.

I'm not looking for a dps build, I know that what I want isn't meta but I don't really care, I can't play what I don't enjoy, but thanks for posting.

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