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Fractal Story Suggestion [Spoiler]

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It would nice to have a fractal where we witness Braham's ego just build up as he makes his way to "kill" Jormag. To see him ready the arrow, aim, breath and then suddenly see Jormag recede and hide as we blow up Balthazar and make Primordius and Jormag go back to sleep. To see Braham's face of sheer disappoint as he just knows that it was our fault that we total blocked him from his self anointed story/legend and he screams and curses the commander. I would really like to see that.

As a fractal, we don't need to see Jormag per say. Maybe we assist Braham as he storms the strong hold of where Jormag is and we are his team of Norns that accompanied him, (similar to Urban Battleground where everyone becomes Charr). A side from the satisfaction to pretty much 80% of the player base, it would be a great opportunity to delve in and experience some Norn culture.

Anywho, its a thought.

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