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Engineer severe cooldown bug


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Ever since the 18/10/2016 patch the toolbelt skills of engineer have an increased cooldown duration when taking the “Tools” Traitline.The minor trait “Mechanized Deployment” is supposed to give minus 15% cooldown duration on all toolbelt skills but this trait is bugged. On all non-Elixir toolbelt skills it gives about 12% cooldown reduction which isn’t that much difference BUT WHEN IN COMBINATION WITH THE HGH TRAIT FROM THE ALCHEMY TRAITLINE (WHICH +90% OF ALL ENGINEER BUILDS USE) THIS BUG GIVES ALL ELIXIR TOOLBELT SKILLS A COOLDOWN THAT IS ABOUT 7% TOO LONG WHICH IS QUITE SIGNIFICANT.Toss Elixir X = +7% (5.5 sec)Toss Elixir S = +6.8% (2 sec)Toss Elixir B = +7.7% (1.25 sec)Toss Elixir U = +6.9% (2.25 sec)Toss Elixir R = +6.8% (4 sec)Toss Elixir H = +7.7% (1.25 sec)Healing Mist = +6.6% (1.5 sec)The notes said:“Mechanized Deployment: Fixed a bug that prevented the tool belt recharge-rate attribute from updating properly on the Hero panel.”

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