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  1. Id like to have an automatic feeder of "food consumables" and "utility consumables" in which you can put stacks of food and utility consumables. The device would automatically use the next comsumable when the buff timer runs out. It would be alot more convenient (and popular) than the "metabolic primer"
  2. Why do random people standing around me receive my boons instead of me? Do I get my stunbreaker or does that go to waste also? Is this supposed to work like that?
  3. The hard CC of sky circus becomes utterly useless when combined with the ranged version of the mech arms. (sky circus being a ranged attack already makes is pretty bad on it's own) Also the nonsensical balance decision (25/2/2020) of "no damage on hard cc skills" affect alot of mechanist skills in competitive game modes. (Rocket Fist Prototype, Core Reactor Shot , Sky Circus , Force Signet, Rocket punch)
  4. Make crisis zone (F2 skill/trait) a more reliable stun breaker/utility skill. The mech is too often out of range and too slow to return for it to be a reliable utility skill. This is the most important trait/skill of the whole class (together with shift signet), it decides how usable mechanist will be in PVP/WVW so dont ignore this. Look at this video, Im standing quite close to my mech yet just out of range. This skill can't be relied on in a player vs player situation where everyone is moving all the time. (Or is it not the range but target priority? I often get the feeling that allies
  5. Increase the leap range of mace #2. (to give mace/shield and mace/pistol builds some reasonable mobility)
  6. If you click "Crash Down" with your cursor (instead of using your F4 keybind) the mechanist will constantly keep doing "Recall Mech"and "Crash Down" everytime they come off cooldown. (you can see that this happened only the second time I manually clicked "Crash Down" at 0:20) This loop can be interrupted by using your F4 keybind.
  7. I didn't just "come into the Mesmer forum" I was lured to this forum section (I normally never visit) by a person quoting my thread and saying something I didn't agree with. Then I responded once (now twice) to the dumb responses you typed. (please stop typing dumb responses to me, so I do not have to respond anymore and can leave this forum section for good) (all this was not trollish behaviour)
  8. Sure they put some effort in mechanist, but they didn't think the design through (mechanist can't use 24 core engineer skills, even the heal of one of our healing skills). Nobody asked for an OP spec in any game mode, just for changes in the design. (Everything will get nerfed anyway) why do you people here keep acting like the performance of untuned first beta specs is an indication of future performance? PS: arguing with forum warriors like you is a waste of my time, so please refrain from making really dumb responses like you just did. (type something sensible if you really want to res
  9. Are our complaints about mechanist not valid because first beta jade mech overperformed in a particular game mode? What was the point of linking my thread?
  10. All hope for Mechanist getting toolbelt skills can be burried (probably forever).
  11. Mechanist has only 4 (active) stunbreaker options Core Engineer has 6 (active) stunbreaker options Scrapper has 7 (active) stunbreaker options Holosmith has 7 (active) stunbreaker options Similar story for condition cleanses Similar story for general defensive utilities Surely you can see the problem, the removal of Toolbelt causes?
  12. Mech melts away real fast in group fights, making the entire elite spec quite useless to me and many others. Give back toolbelt skills so we can be more self reliant and this elite spec doesn't become near unused once people get bored of the shiny new toy (and realize how horrible the mech is and the mechanist's build diversity).
  13. I sure hope this is not the only thread you devs are going to read. There has been lots of feedback in other threads already. (should it be repeated here?)
  14. Id prefer the mech to be weak ( and immortal?) and mechanist to have its toolbelt skills (shifting the balance of power to the player instead of the AI), this way you have more build options because you dont have to slot utilities to keep your mech alive. (small groups of people will kill the mech real fast anyway) An other option would be to just make the mech strong and immortal, but not giving the mechanist his toolbelt skills (not so intresting for build diversity and it has its problems)
  15. I think it means: 100-90% remaining health => 10 second cooldown 90%-0% remaining health => cooldown (s) = (100-remaining health percentage)
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