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  1. They wanted to make elixir x a more reliable offensive threat and they did it by adding more randomness. 😕 That doesn't make sens at all....
  2. Good, now turn the elite skill slot into a multipurpose utility/elite skill slot. That would really make things intresting.
  3. Gear shield needs the cooldown reduction made baseline in all game modes. (the skill is too important)
  4. Use the following settings/keybinds in order to make Elite Mortar Kit and Grenade Kit most usable and effective: Set "Ground Targeting" on "Instant" Disable "Autotargeting" Enable "Lock Ground Target at maximum Skill Range" Enable "Snap Ground target to Current Target" (this will make mortar shells fly to your enemy without you having to aim manually with the cursor (just select the target)) Enable "Allow Skill Retargeting" (This will make the landing spot of ground targeted skills be determined after the initial skill animation instead of before the animation, which means that the mortar shell/grenade will land closer to a moving target) (Be wary of the delay (animation time) when you do not have a target selected and you use a ground targeted skill that you want to use on yourself, make sure your cursor is at the location where you want the skill to land. Moving the cursor away too soon will make the skill land somewhere you didn't intend. ) Keybind "Lock Autotarget" (when you press this key you detarget whatever you have selected, which is important when you for example want to throw {{Skill|Toss Elixir S}} at your feet). Jumping right after you used a skill will make the grenades/mortar shells fly higher. Use combo finishers in the combo fields of Mortar Kit. (Wiki: combos) I personally really like leaps in the ice field (5 sec Frost Aura). PS: Always use the Grenadier trait when using the Grenade kit, because it makes the explosion radius bigger and increases the throw velocity (untraited too many of your grenades will miss a moving target because of the combination of the standard 120 range explosion radius and the slow throw velocity)
  5. Another thing I want to mention is that the new "Lesser Utility Goggles" (verry good trait) only benefit builds with off-hand shield and hammer builds because builds with more offensive mainhand weapon sets relly too much on power wrench (for the 33% cooldown reduction on their Gear Shield block). The trait is really good, just the position is bad. Change "Gear Shield" cooldown to 16 sec and nerf "power wrench" to 20% cooldown reduction." (speaking of WVW roaming builds and it's only my opinion)
  6. The main function of the healing skill (healing) is pretty low under 50 heat. The healing of cooling vapor should be made baseline, the chill and the frost aura should be the enhancements above 50 heat, also the self damage of cauterize should be removed. (I don't care about uniqueness, just about function) But the reduction of heat on the healing skill actually makes sens to me.
  7. A few years ago they removed cleanses that were not a problem (they decided to delete random condi cleanses for the sake of balance or something ) (I remember super elixir cleansing 2 condies, healing mist cleansing 1 condi and even a mortar skill cleansing a condi) Classes should get a proper baseline amount of cleanses. Disruptive runes like antitoxin and rune of the speed shouldn't exist imo. (not gonna argue over it, it's just my opinion)
  8. The way "balance devs" purposely destroy (not tweak for the beterment of balance) entire specs, I find quite disrespectfull . Too many people have already quit this game because of it. On the 4th of october my build (s) will also become virtually immortal to condition builds, because the "balance devs" don't think their decisions through.
  9. Guardian has a trait called "Indomitable Courage" that turns non instant cast skills into stun breakers, maybe it will work like that.
  10. On the video it says: "Utility Goggles: now also removes one damaging condition" In the forum notes it says: "Lesser Utility Goggles: Increased resistance duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds. This skill now removes one damaging condition in addition to its other effects." Both are probably true.
  11. Oh is that what that meant? When you take that trait in Tools your heal becomes a stunbreak? I did not see that one coming. That is what I hope it does (difficult to imagine) Things I'm wondering about: Would that make heal skills instant ? Maybe they will remove the stun breaker part? Maybe lesser utility goggles will inherit the new condi cleans of Utility goggles ?
  12. The active stunbreaker on heal skill and toolbelt skill condi cleanses are really strong, making the tools traitline verry good (probably gonna get nerfed eventually). The baseline cooldown reduction of static shield is also good.
  13. Using Overclock Signet does nothing after just having used recall mech (the mech sould be summoned but that doesn't happen)
  14. The explosion (property) of Flame blast (=piercing skill) only procs where it explodes (skill), the piercing element of the skill does not proc the explosion (property). A similar thing can be made for Rifle burst grenade where the explosion only happens on the targeted enemy. The damage is gonna be fine, its only 40% of a weak auto attack. (If they make that, they can also implement it for Pistol #1) Flame blast's piercing element (Projectile Burning) also does less damage than the explosion (Explosion Burning) so that is also an option.
  15. Hip shot pierced without it saying it in the tooltip untill they updated the tooltip on 7-7-2020. (not that it mathers). It is a nerf to base rifle auto attack, so im drawing attention to it.
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