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[BUG] Bloodstone Visage animation

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An animation of Bloodstone Visage doesn't shown properly ingame. But it is all good in preview. I'm talking about this: if I change shaders settings then effect of Bloodstone Visage changes - when shaders set to medium or high then effect dissapear ingame unlike from preview. You can see the difference in video below:

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Hi,Im yet another victim of this bug. spent hours doing the achi and after equipping it its almost invisible,only shows up when shader settings are set to 'low'It would be a pretty minor fix to give a working gratification for a relatively long achievement.Can we get any updates on this?

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+1 on this!I just activated it on my human after having it in my wardrobe and admiring the preview, and... the red glow is nowhere near as pronounced in-game. I can clearly see the eyes through the glow, which is more or less impossible in the preview window. If I reduce the shader settings to "Low" it renders correctly, but the rest of the game looks butt ugly, so that's not a viable workaround.Pls fix, ANet! This was supposed to be an achievement reward, not an achievement disappointment.

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It is 2022 and this bug is still not fixed. I am very disappointed as I just got the Bloodstone visage today and came to realize this bug has been around for over 4 years.

Can we remind Anet to fix this please?

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