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Planning a two-man Build with at least one Engineer

Kon Vara.8239

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While both of us are looking for a challenge, we aren't afraid of stumbling a lot. Also we are aware, that a two man team doesn't work beyond platinum and higher. So to us unranked is still an option (provided we even make it to platinum). Nonetheless we didn't play pvp for months and are out of the picture.

This is what the new meta looks to me after 5 quick matches: 1-2 scourges (the desert shroud telling is horribly annoying^^), 1-2 mirages, 1 warrior (base or spellbreaker?! didn't notice a full counter, yet), 0-1 thief (ok, I get that class), 0-2 druids, 0-1 random. I take out of it to go up against boon stripping and conditions gallore.

However my friend is stuck with engineer, because this is the only class he ever enjoys (and he is pretty good with it). My dream scenario would be to duo-engineer, because its something I've barely done and I believe a trained combination could wreak major heavoc, simply because duo-engineer is not regular and can hardly be prepared for (also it is fucking fun and this is the most important). However I also see it not happening, because it is very difficult to prepare for so many conditions, so I'm willing to complement with a more fitting class.

In my head it would be something, that can counter conditions easily. Elementalist springs to mind, but then there is the boon-strip and he's hardly mobile. My favourite would be a power-rev anyways, but Staff 4 is not enough to counter all the conditions, even tho it's the class I'm best trained with. Maybe swap out Shiro for Mallyx? That would be horrible for my burst. Warrior could be an option, but the resistance is pretty selfish. Druid could bunker but I'm not that fond of this class. Same with non-Reaper-necros. Guard always a favourite, but so far I've only played squishy variants (+50 matches as a staff-support). I've touched other classes, but there would be a few days of training involved, nothing I'd be afraid of tho.

You have any thoughts on this?

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To be honest, there arent that many viable condition builds around atm (its mainly scourge really) and engi has a fair amount of cleanses as of now.I dunno what spec your friend is running, but if he really is struggling with condis, you could suggest an inventions build (w/ anticorrosion plating) and hard light arena to him.

If he has this traitline he'll have:

  • 2 cleanses from deploying the healing turret (Cleansing Pulse + protection proc)
  • 2 cleanses from overcharging the turret
  • 1-2- cleanses from prismatic converter
  • 8-12 cleanses from hardlight arena (altho this isnt instant but rather cleanses a condition per pulse from anticorrosion plating)

Just the cleanses from healing turret alone is pretty good already, since (if he picks it up instead of blasting it) it will amount to 4 cleanses every 15 seconds.If you still want to support him, Firebrand probably would be the best option, since it has pretty good healing and even more cleanses and boon-support.

Edit: Come to think of it, Blood scourge is also a supporty-ish option you could take. While it doesn't really heal very well, it has some decent damage mitigation with barriers and a bit of cleansing capabilities as well. The thing that makes this build shine tho, is it's insane rezspeed tho.

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