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Is this decay for real?


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@"BeLZedaR.4790" said:Decay is non-permanent. If you actually play the game to get it off it’s like it was never there. It kicks in after 72 hours.Season ends at 00;00;00 of GMT 0.You probably messed it up somewhere there to avoid it. Though literally 1 match in saturday should do it.

Clearly season didn't end at 0 gmt because I played two games and got two wins with still about 30 minutes befote 0 gmt and got no rating or pips for them. "Season ending" message hour before 0 gmt and no pips or rating gain and then "Season has ended" at 0 gmt. Apparently "Season ending" = "Season has ended." That was extremely disappointing and I know I'm not alone on this one.

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