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Optimising between tanking and power utility, raids. Need advice.

Itz Jay.8941

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Would love some advice from some experienced chronos for raiding. So I made a power chrono a while back for fractals, but never got round to actually playing it as I took a break from the game.

Now I want to pick chrono up again mainly for raids, however, I'm a little confused about optimising my gear for raiding between tank and power. So I've been looking at the snowcrows raid builds, which you have 3.

The tank 2k toughness durability build seems completely overkill. I'm wondering would this build even be necessary to any encounter or to someone who is beginning learning tanking? If it isn't then I don't want to waste my collection one set on it, I'd rather be able use less pieces and put it towards being able to swap to the chaos variant too.

Where I'm confused is in reducing your toughness to be able to tank and still be higher than the other chrono. The builds on SC use leadership runes or durability runes for tanking, so you can't mix and match to reduce toughness.

Would love to know if the tank set is needed, and if not what gear pieces you are using to optimise swapping to tank, and whether you use like a baseline toughness for every encounter, or if there are certain encounters where you would increase toughness further?

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I don't think mistrel chrono is overkill. If you are a new chronotank and raid with pugs, it's good to not have to worry about keeping yourself alive, while also providing some strong heals to your group. I find both minstrel and chaos to be the better pug carries, doubly so for a new chrono that lacks the experience and practice to make aegis share relevant.

There's also another thing, if you ever want to try minstrel and you have the stat-selectable armour from the collection, it makes sense gold-wise to choose minstrel, as it's the most expensive stat combo. Otherwise, I would just save that set, and only craft the couple of commander pieces you would need for the other builds.

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